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Update on Primeau, Kapanen and Gagne

by Staff Writer / Philadelphia Flyers

On Thursday, Flyers center Keith Primeau commented on his current condition as he recovers from nose surgery performed earlier in the day as well as a concussion that forced him to miss most of last season.

Simon Gagne also spoke about recovering from his hip surgery on May 10, while Flyers trainer Jim McCrossin updated the condition of Sami Kapanen, who had his right shoulder cleaned up.

Keith Primeau on his nose surgery on Thursday.

Q: You had your nosed operated this morning. How did it go?
Primeau: "Actually it went really well. I was really pleased that I had it done. I have been thinking about it upward of two years because of the pressure I felt from behind my nose. After having it done this morning I felt terrific immediately afterward. After my surgery I felt real relief and I am really looking forward to the recovery the next couple of weeks."

Q: Did this sinus pressure from behind your nose have anything to do with your post concussion symptoms that kept you out last season?
Primeau: "I'm really not sure. There have been a lot of different things. There was obviously head trauma. But this is kind of the final stage in the healing process. It was important that I got it done. As I said, I just felt like because my nose is so off centered, the pressure that I was getting from the muscles was causing some of the lingering effects. I am just hoping this operation rectified that a bit."

Q: Where did you have surgery?
Primeau: "I had it done at Cooper Hospital in Camden, NJ. The procedure was done by Guy Lanzi and he did a terrific job."

Q: When and what do you do for rehab?
"It is complete rest for a few days and I should be good to go in about a week."

Jim McCrossin comments on Sami Kapanen's surgery on Thursday.

Q: Can you tell us about Sami Kapanen?
McCrossin: "Sami underwent surgery today to clean-up his right shoulder. Dr. Peter DeLuca at Hahnemann Hospital performed the surgery. Sami's bicep tendon was frayed a bit and Dr. DeLuca cleaned it up. Dr. DeLuca also repaired a small tear in his rotator cuff muscle."

Q: What is rehab for Sami?

McCrossin: "I picked up Sami today. He is doing great and he will be starting rehab with me tomorrow. We are looking at about eight-to-10 weeks recovery time."

Simon Gagne talks about recovering from his hip surgery on May 10, as well as his upcoming charity golf tournament.

Q: How are you feeling right now?
Simon Gagne: "I feel pretty good. It's starting to feel a lot better than the day of the surgery. I cannot move too much but it's feeling very good."

Q: What are you doing for treatment?
Gagne: "Right now it's pretty much easy. I'm biking 20 minutes, twice a day, just to keep the motion and (I) do some stretching with Jimmy (McCrossin) and Sal (Raffa) and Steve (Lipinski) at the Skate Zone."

Q: Was your injury affecting you the last part of the season?
Gagne: "You know what, I know that I had some soreness especially in the groin area, some tightness a little bit in the hip. But I never could tell it was coming from the hip. I thought it was a groin problem. It was a little bit tougher, especially after the Olympics. I started to have a lot of pain in my groin and had to get stretched before and after games to keep the pain away. But it was not too bad. But I am glad that I decided to fix it and it will be 100 percent next year."

Q: Have you ever seen a team experience this many injuries and surgeries?
Gagne: "No, I never saw that. It's funny. If you are on the Flyers and you haven't had hip or shoulder surgery you're not a popular guy or you're not "in." It's not fun to see that but at the same time, you know what, we're all going to be healthy next year and be 100 percent and that's going to be fun to see what this team can do."

Q: Can you tell us about your celebrity golf tournament?
Gagne: "Yes, this is the 5th year of the Simon Gagne Golf Tournament. Our web site address is This year's event will be Thursday, July 6 in Quebec. All money raised is going to 'Leukemia for Kids' back home in Quebec. We've raised over $160,000 since it began. It is always a fun event and it raises money for a great cause."

Q: Are there some NHLers who have attended?
Gagne: Actually every year, a lot of French Canadians from back home attend. Patrice Bergeron, Eric Belanger, Donald Brashear. Martin Brodeur and Justin Williams are going to come. I'm actually going to go play in Justin's golf tournament, too. Vincent LeCavalier and Martin St. Louis might be able to come. I am going to ask a few of my teammates to come. It's going to be fun if they can come."

Q: If people want to send donations, do you have an address?
Gagne: "Maybe the best way is to go on the website But, it is in French!"
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