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Praise for Shero

by Staff Writer / Philadelphia Flyers

“Freddie Shero going into the Hall of Fame is obviously a huge honor for our organization and the Shero family. Other than Keith Allen, Freddie Shero was the person who should have gone into the Hall of Fame ahead of myself, Bernie Parent, Billy Barber, any of us who have gone in. He was that important to the success of the Flyers. I’m very happy for his family.”

- Bob Clarke

“I think it’s long overdue. I’m happy for the Shero family and I’m happy for the Flyers family. I think it was an era in time that was very, very special, us winning championships, and I think it kind of completes the whole process as far as the Hall of Fame goes. Like I said, I couldn’t be any happier for them. I think Freddie was a unique man and I think he touched a lot of people’s hearts – especially mine, being a young kid and all. He gave me an opportunity to play and have fun and succeed. I can’t speak highly enough about him.”

- Bill Barber

“I’m so happy. It’s a beautiful thing for Philadelphia and a beautiful thing for hockey. I’ll never forget the quote, the last quote before the first Stanley Cup when he said “Win together today and we walk together forever.” And that quote went further than just the team – it meant the whole city. Today, 39 years later, it means as much to people as it did then.”

- Bernie Parent

“He did more things in 10 years that he coached than some guys did in 30 years. People never talked about systems in the 70s, but when Freddie came along he instituted systems. Teams never had assistant coaches; he brought that into the game. There’s so many wonderful things he did for the game.”

- Joe Watson

“It’s absolutely great. He deserves it. He had phenomenal success – first in the minor leagues, and then he came in when there were just 12 teams and won two Cups. He was a great coach. He let me do my thing. I don’t think many other coaches would have allowed that. He loved the team, he loved his players. He was a great coach – there’s just no question.”

- Dave Schultz

"I am thrilled to hear that Fred Shero was elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame. There’s no sense looking back as to why it didn’t happen sooner, because today’s a happy day to celebrate the fact that a guy that deserves it immensely has finally been elected to the Hall of Fame. It’s a great day for the Philadelphia Flyers."

- Ed Snider

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