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McCrossin Updates Gagne, Desjardins, Umberger and Forsberg

by Staff Writer / Philadelphia Flyers
Voorhees, NJ – In the latest Flyers injury update on Thursday afternoon, Flyers Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach Jim McCrossin updated the conditions of left wing Simon Gagne, defenseman Eric Desjardins and centers Peter Forsberg and R.J. Umberger.

Gagne had successful surgery to repair his right hip, while Desjardins has decided against surgery for the time being. Forsberg will have surgery on his right foot on Monday, while Umberger is returning home because he is unable to compete at the World Championships.

Below are comments by McCrossin and Desjardins.

Q: Is there a date set for Forsberg's surgery?
McCrossin: "The date for surgery has been set for Monday, May 15 at 3:00 p.m. The procedure is taking place in Charlotte, NC, and Dr. Robert Anderson is going to be performing the surgery. From what I understand the surgery will take approximately three hours. Peter will be staying overnight and he should be discharged on May 16.

Q: What is the status of R.J. Umberger in Latvia?
McCrossin: "I spoke with both Paul Holmgren and R.J. Umberger just the other day. R.J. was complaining of head-like symptoms, like dizziness. He just wasn't feeling right after the first game that he played in Latvia. We, along with the team USA physicians, thought it would be best that R.J. come back home and get evaluated by our physicians and see exactly what is happening."

Q: Were these symptoms stem from the hit he took in the Buffalo Sabres series?
McCrossin: "It is a possibility. R.J. was completely cleared. He felt great in the game that he returned to the lineup and he felt good when he left for Latvia. But speaking with our physicians, there is always that outside chance."

McCrossin: "Simon [Gagne] had surgery [Wednesday] by Dr. Mark Philippon out in Vail, Colorado. I spoke with Dr. Philippon and he felt the surgery went very successful. Simon had a very large tear in his labrum [in his right hip] and he also had impingement where the head of femur was hitting up against the acetabulum, where it sits in the ball and socket joint. They shaved his femoral head down and cleaned up the labrum and some loose bodies. Dr. Philippon feels that Simon will be completely recovered in about eight weeks. Simon should be on his way home back to New Jersey [Thursday night] from Vail and will be starting his rehab with me [Friday].

"Eric Desjardins was evaluated by Dr. Thomas Byrd at Baptist Hospital in Nashville yesterday. It was decided that Eric's symptoms haven't really progressed since he first complained about them. Dr. Byrd decided to hold off on surgery until Eric's career is done. Eric is going to need surgery to repair his labrum [in his left hip]. He's got some loose bodies in there too, but at this time Dr. Byrd believes that he's not going to cause any further damage and if Eric can get through next year that would be great.

"It shouldn't affect his play. He'll have some aching in his lower back but it really shouldn't affect his play at this time. It's just rehab, strengthening, and keeping his symptoms monitored."

Desjardins commented on his decision to hold off on surgery.

"It is something we talked about when I was in Nashville with Dr. Byrd. At the same time, Jim McCrossin and I talked about it. It's a just a decision we decided to make because the only problem I've had in the past was my back and I felt it was really caused by my hip.

"Talking with Dr. Byrd, he said that even having the surgery, he couldn't promise that it is going to take care of my back problems so I decided to hold and wait. If it gets worse maybe [surgery] would be considered, but right now my hip is not really causing me any discomfort or any pain. The damage is there, but I've been playing with it for five or six years. I don't see why we should go in and get it fixed."
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