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McCrossin Updates Flyers Injuries

by Staff Writer / Philadelphia Flyers
On Monday, Flyers Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach Jim McCrossin updated the numerous surgeries that members of the 2005-06 Flyers will undergo in the near future.

Jim McCrossin: "Michal Handzus had successful surgery on Friday to repair his left rotator cuff and torn labrum in his left shoulder, and Michal has been doing his rehab and been doing very well.

"[Monday], Donald Brashear and Branko Radivojevic both had surgery [by Dr. Peter DeLuca at Hahnemann Hospital] on their shoulders, and both in the left shoulders. Both surgeries were very successful and they will start rehab with us [Tuesday].

"Eric Desjardins will have surgery on his left hip on Wednesday in Nashville, Tennessee. Dr. Thomas Byrd at Baptist Hospital will be performing the surgery. That is to repair a torn labrum in his left hip and also to clean up some loose bodies in there. Rehab will start with me on Friday, and that's going to be anywhere from 10-to-12 weeks on the extent of the boney damage that Eric has in his hip.

"Both Derian Hatcher and Turner Stevenson will have surgery [Tuesday], to clean up small tears in their medial meniscus in their right knees. The rehab should last about 10 days. Both are doing great and I expect them to make a full recovery within 10 days.

"On Friday, both Mike Rathje and Robert Esche will see Dr. Byrd and have surgery performed at that time to repair labrums in their right hips. They will have surgery on May 10. We're hoping that both of these cases it is just a simple labral tear and hopefully the rehab will be about 6-to-8 weeks. They will start rehabbing with me on Sunday when they get back.

"Antero Niittymaki, we found that he does have an extensive tear in his superior and anterior labrum in his right hip. Antero is going to be having surgery [by Dr. Byrd] when he gets back from the World Championships and we're looking for the week of [May] 29th that he will have his surgery performed. He will start rehab two days afterwards with me and hopefully we'll get him back as soon as possible because I know that he's looking forward to going back home.

"On [May] 17th, both Denis Gauthier and Brian Savage will be having surgery to repair torn posterior labrums both in their right shoulders. Rehab for that is 8-to-10 weeks.

"Sami Kapanen is scheduled for surgery on the 18th of [May] to clean up his right shoulder and biceps tendon.

"Keith Primeau will be going in to have his broken nose fixed. He's got a deviated septum. We're hoping that the surgery will allow him to have a little bit less pressure to his sinus cavity and that's going to be this week and is going to be performed by Dr. Guy Lanzi. He's making great strides in his comeback with his concussion and hopefully Keith will be ready to go next season.

"Peter Forsberg and I will be going down [Tuesday] to Houston, Texas to see Dr. Thomas Clanton, the foot and ankle specialist. It's really to get a second opinion on Peter's ankles to see if he concurs with Dr. [Robert] Anderson, and does he feel he needs surgery to correct his instability there.

"Rehab is going to vary according to how much work needs to be done to get Peter's ankle and foot the way it should be.

"All of these injuries were present during the playoffs. We did have a beat-up crew."
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