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Gagne Hopes Season Isn't Over

by Staff Writer / Philadelphia Flyers
Philadelphia Flyers left wing Simon Gagne was examined by team physician Dr. Gary Dorshimer on Monday morning in Philadelphia. Gagne left Sunday’s game in Pittsburgh with a mild concussion.

The Flyers released to the media the following Q and A with Gagne.

Q: How do you feel this morning?
Simon Gagne: "I feel so-so. I am not feeling quite right. I am feeling a little bit off balance. That's the best way to describe the way I feel today."

Q: When did this latest injury occur in the game at Pittsburgh?
SG: "Actually, it happened during my first shift of the game. I was next to the boards. I think it was Jordan Staal who hit me. I felt somebody hit me hard from behind, right behind my head. I had a chance to see the replay and it really didn't look that bad. It looked like he was trying to finish his check and his arm and elbow came behind my helmet. He was kind of off balance and the impact was right behind my head."

Q: What were the doctors’ findings?

SG: "We think I have another mild concussion. Not a big one. We think I may have hit the balance center, which is located right below your neck and skull. That's where I got hit last night so that's why we think that is the way I feel off-balance right now. That's pretty much the only symptom I have, is being off-balance. When you feel like that, that's when they know you may have a mild concussion."
Simon Gagne left Sunday's game in Pittsburgh with a mild concussion. (Getty Images)

Q: Is this a new concussion or an extension of the old concussions?
SG: "That's a good question. The only thing I can say right now is that I don't think it is that bad. I know the symptoms were definitely worse the last time. Hopefully I will feel better very soon. The doctor said I could feel very good in the next couple of days. I just have to take it one day at a time and see what happens."

Q: What is the outlook?
SG: "Like I said, right now it is one day at a time. It could be a couple of days, it could be a week or it could be longer. There is no timeframe on what is going on right now."

Q: How about exercise or rehab?
SG: "Right now I am to take it easy. Hopefully the way I feel right now, being off-balance, it will go away and that's going to be a plus. It can only get better. From there I am sure I can do a little bit more of exercise when this feeling goes away."

Q: Did you take a baseline test today, and if not what exactly did you do?

SG: "No baseline test. I will take that when I am symptom free. Today they did the usual stuff. We have this sheet from the NHL that the doctor fills out, like what happened and the way I feel. He takes down all this information. I then did some other things like walking on a line, some finger touch exams and he examined my eyes. I responded very good to all those tests. All the physical tests I did today I responded to very good. The doctor said I was pretty sharp. I will take the baseline when my symptoms go away."

Q: How frustrated are you?

SG: “It is very tough to believe that something like this has happened again. I am very frustrated, that's for sure. It is hard to find the perfect word to describe the way I feel right now."

Q: How concerned are you about your future?
SG: "It is always difficult to think about what could happen like if I go back and I am not ready and stuff like that. I am positive and I always will stay positive with what is going on. I think what (Keith Primeau) and Eric (Lindros) went through was a little bit different than me. Those guys had a hard time waking up in the morning and had a hard time responding physically. In my case I don't think that this is a problem. I feel like I am more off-balance today but physically I feel fine. I feel that I am sharp physically. It is very tough for me to think what is going to happen in the future but I believe I will find a way to get through it and hopefully I will be fine to play again this year."

Q: So you think you can play again this year, and your season is not lost?

SG: "I don't think the season is lost right now. Hopefully, I'm not going to have any more symptoms coming up. The way I feel right now is just a balance problem.  When this goes away I will be pretty much symptom free. Hopefully this will go away quick and I will start exercising soon. There is always hope. Like I said, I will stay positive. I don't think the season is over for me yet.”
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