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Forsberg Visits With Foot Specialist

by Staff Writer / Philadelphia Flyers

Flyers center and leading scorer Peter Forsberg visited with a foot specialist in Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday. Forsberg has had a chronic foot problem since 2001, and was being fitted for a special brace that he will wear in his skate. Forsberg will not miss any games due to this condition.

The following is a conversation about the visit with Flyers Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach, Jim McCrossin, who accompanied Forsberg to Charlotte.

What happened today with Peter Forsberg?
Jim McCrossin: "We took Peter down to see Dr. Bob Anderson in Charlotte, North Carolina, just to get a second opinion on his right ankle. Peter has had chronic instability in his right ankle and we just wanted to make sure to get another set of eyes on it to see that things aren't deteriorating too much. Dr. Anderson agrees with the way we're going to treat it. We're getting a custom [brace] for Peter's skate to correct his foot rotation. We're going to take it from there and see how it goes."

Where did this take place?
JM: "The Miller Orthopedics Clinic in Charlotte, North Carolina."

Is this a chronic problem?
JM: "It is. If you asked Peter it probably started somewhere back in 2001. As anything chronic, we just wanted to make sure that the stability of the ankle is there. Since 2001 it progressed, and we just wanted to make sure we keep it under control so Peter can get over the fear of having anything in his mind when he is skating."

How would you evaluate his playing condition?
JM: "It's a rotation of his hind foot, or his rear foot in the skate boot. I'm sure Peter would say the same thing, that it plays with his mind a little bit, that it's rotating in the skate boot. This orthopedic device that we are putting in his skate boot will hopefully correct it."

How would you describe this device?
JM: "It's called an Arizona brace. It's a custom brace that was fitted for him, and hopefully we'll be getting that by the latter part of this week. Peter will have to skate with that device for a few days before he even thinks about playing in it, just so he gets a good feel for it. Just like a pair of shoes, it will take a little bit of breaking in. Hopefully by sometime next week he'll be comfortable with that and the symptoms will resolve."

What does Peter think after the examination?
JM: "I can't speak for Peter, but speaking with him, I think he feels very positive. Dr. Anderson's examination was very professional and very thorough, and he felt very comfortable with Dr. Anderson."
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