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Forsberg to Play Saturday Against Washington

by Staff Writer / Philadelphia Flyers
(Washington, D.C., December 16) - Philadelphia Flyers center Peter Forsberg joined the team on Saturday morning in Washington, D.C. and will play against the Capitals on Saturday night (7:00 p.m.). Forsberg was recently in Montreal at the Bauer skate company trying to remedy his foot/ankle discomfort which has kept him out of the last four games.

Below are excerpts of Forsberg's comments following the morning skate at the Verizon Center.

Peter Forsberg: "I had ice time up in Montreal and skated a little bit up there. We worked pretty hard, actually. We made some progress, so we'll see how it goes tonight. It's really hard when you haven't been in a game situation, so I can't really say anything. But, it's going to be exciting to go out and play again.

"I hope I can do a lot more today. It feels better, but it's hard to say when you haven't played a game and you haven't been in a game situation. It's going to be a big test tonight."

Q: Can you feel a difference?

"Yeah, you can feel it, totally. The other [skate] was tighter, but we're just trying to make room where there should be room. Obviously, I do have a weird foot so it needs to be totally form-fitted otherwise it won't work. That's what we were trying to work on up there."

Q: Were you nervous before the trip to Montreal?

"I was very nervous going up there. I feel bad about the whole situation and I wish it was solved before, but it was great that we got a lot of great minds together to try and figure out what was causing it. So, I thought it was a great couple of days up there. The final judgment will be when I start playing games and see how it feels. It's easy to skate by yourself. The test is going to be playing in the games. We'll play a couple games and see how it went and then we can really talk about what was the problem, and if it got solved or it didn't get solved."
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