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Forsberg Reacts to Changes

by Staff Writer / Philadelphia Flyers
(Voorhees, NJ, October 22, 2006) - Flyers captain Peter Forsberg on Sunday reacted to the news of John Stevens becoming the team's head coach, replacing Ken Hitchcock. Below is a transcript of Forsberg's Q and A with the local media.

Peter Forsberg: "Obviously, I think everyone is a little shocked. It's not a good day. I feel sad with the way the team performed and Mr. Snider said something was going to come up. He wants to win and he made a couple of changes."

Do you think the team tuned [Ken Hitchcock] out?
"I think everybody knows Hitch. He demands a lot from the players, and he's been here for a long time. But, I'm not putting all the blame on Hitch or anybody else. I look at myself. I don't think we tuned him out, and I think Hitch is a good coach, but sometimes you need a change."

Some players here said they feel responsible.
"I feel the same way. When something like this happens, at first you send a few guys down…I'm not looking any further than myself. If we had a winning record things might have been different here. With Clarkie, I feel bad. He's a great guy. I guess he wanted to get out anyway, but it's just real bad that we have a losing record. I do feel part of it, and I feel brutal today. It's not a good day. We just have to make sure we turn it around and start winning again. I definitely feel really bad today."

On the changes made:
"Sometimes you need a change. Like I said, I don't think Hitch is a bad coach. He's a good coach. He's had a good record for a long time, but sometimes the team does not perform as good as we should. Sometimes it's good to get a change, it doesn't matter what you do. John Stevens is a winner, and the young guys like him, and he's going to be a good change for us. When I've dealt with him, he's been great.

"It's not like this season is a write-off. It's early and we can turn things around and I think we have a good team. We just have to go out and prove it."
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