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Forsberg Going to Torino

by Staff Writer / Philadelphia Flyers

Flyers center Peter Forsberg will travel to Torino, Italy on Monday to join the Swedish team for the Olympic games, although it is still not certain that he will play. Forsberg missed the final eight Flyers games before the break with a left groin strain, but will remain off of the ice until later in the week. Below is a Q and A with Forsberg as well as Flyers General Manager Bob Clarke.

What is your decision on the Olympics?
Peter Forsberg: "Well, I'm going to fly over and see how it goes. It's still not 100 percent and I'm going to rest a few more days and see how it goes. It's not [certain] I'm playing over there but they want me to come over and see if it heals up and if it feels 100 percent this weekend we will skate over there and get going and get ready to maybe play a couple of games. If it's not, then I'm not going to play. I'm just going to go over there and see how it goes."

Did the Swedish coach say you can sit out a couple of games?
PF: "Yeah. That would be no problem. I told him if it's not 100 percent I'm not playing. If I don't feel good when I start skating Thursday or Friday, I'm not going to play. He knows that, too."

What did the Flyers doctors recommend?
PF: "Well, they recommend rest. Like I said, I won't skate for five days now and see how it feels and when we came back and looked at the MRI [taken Sunday] it wasn't any major thing. I talked to the specialist and it's a groin strain. Hopefully it will be healed up so I can play over there for my country."

How does it feel?
PF: "It feels good. If I walk around I don't feel anything. It's just hard to take the long strides. We'll see when I start skating. Like I said, I'll stay off a week now, or six days, and we'll see how it feels. If it's not good I'm not going to go out and play and take a chance. I need to feel 100 percent for a couple of practices to be able to play."

Were you getting any pressure from the Swedish team?
PF: "I don't think it was pressure from the Swedish team. I don't care about that. It's me, and I want to go over and play for my country and have a chance to win the gold medal. Like I said before, I haven't read the Swedish papers all week and I'm trying not to read the Philly papers either. I just want to make my own decision. Like I said before, if I'm sitting somewhere feeling great on Wednesday and I know I could have played, not being able to be there would be hard. They gave me the opportunity to come over there and see how it feels for a couple more days. If I can't play, I can't play and I'll just come back [to Philadelphia] and rehab. If I can play, great."

Bob Clarke: "I think Peter knows what the results of the MRI were and he knows the risks involved. Going over there is his choice and he made the decision to go, so we wish him good luck except against the Canadians."

Are you at all concerned with his health?
BC: "I'm concerned for every player that goes over there because obviously it's a very high level of play and I think there's a risk for everybody. In Peter's case there's probably a little higher risk, but that's the chance you take when you play."
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