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Final touches being put on '24/7' debut

by Dan Rosen / Philadelphia Flyers
There may not be a busier person in show business today than Dave Harmon, who is the Senior Producer for HBO's "24/7 Flyers/Rangers: Road to the NHL Winter Classic."

Harmon and his team of 20 production personnel in New York are in the final hours of putting together the first episode of the highly anticipated four-part series that premiers Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on HBO.

With editing still to be done, Liev Schreiber's narration still to be added and music still to be laid in to make the footage that much more dramatic, you can imagine that Harmon doesn't have many minutes to spare.

Well, he did find a couple for Harmon answered five questions about the show in an e-mail Q&A.

Here is what he had to say: Are you still finding yourself surprised at some of the footage or does it seem any more routine because you've already documented two hockey teams in the middle of the season?

Because each regular season game brings something different and unexpected, we're always surprised by what our cameras pick up. So far this season, we've shot three games each with the Flyers and Rangers, and have received at least one surprising moment from each game. How much more enticing is the show knowing that the Rangers and Flyers have been doing a lot of winning, and does it make the footage from the locker rooms more colorful as a result?

The purpose of "24/7" is to show the journey of the athletes. To humanize them, to show what they're going through and the sacrifices they sometimes have to make for their sport. Whether the teams are winning or losing, that remains the same. Of course locker rooms are more joyful after wins, but viewers can learn a lot about the players after losses, as well. Has the cooperation you've received from both teams been as good, better or worse than you got from the Penguins and Capitals last season?

The cooperation has been exactly the same -- total, complete access. We're thrilled with what we've received so far this season. Does anybody from the Rangers and Flyers, or the NHL, get a special look at the show before it airs?

A couple of League and team people look at the show in the hours before it airs. Primarily as a "second set" of eyes to make sure HBO hasn't inadvertently revealed any competitive secrets from the teams. How many hours or even minutes do you spare between the time the show is 100-percent done and the time it goes to air?

The show is completed approximately an hour before air time. But each week is different, depending on the footage and storylines which have developed. Sometimes we have a little more time than that, sometimes less.
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