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Fedoruk Updates His Condition

by Staff Writer / Philadelphia Flyers
(March 22) - Flyers forward Todd Fedoruk returned to the Philadelphia area following his overnight stay at St. Vincent's Hospital in Manhattan. Fedoruk left Wednesday night's Flyers-Rangers game after a fight with Colton Orr.

Below is a brief Q and A with Fedoruk regarding his condition.

Q: How do you feel the day after?
Fedoruk: "I feel good. I got a good rest last night. Everything came back, everything was positive, all the tests and stuff like that. I feel good today and I am glad to be back in Philly."

Q: Did the fight you have earlier this year when you were playing with Anaheim (which resulted in having plates put in your face) make you tentative in your fighting since then?
Fedoruk: "Very much so. I think anybody would be tentative with an injury like that. It is just a matter of time until I get back to my style. I am not really worried about it, but being tentative, you have to put yourself out there and when you change your style a little bit you leave yourself vulnerable and that's what happened to me last night. I am not worried about it. I will get back on track. I have had worse things done to me than this."

Q: So all it is, is just a matter of time?
Fedoruk: "Yes, time."

Q: Do you think you can play before the end of this season?
Fedoruk: "I really don't know yet. I still have to do some tests."
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