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Esche Out at Least One Week

by Staff Writer / Philadelphia Flyers
Flyers goaltender Robert Esche will be out of action for at least one week, according to Flyers Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach, Jim McCrossin.

The following is a conversation with McCrossin after Esche had an MRI.

Can you give us the latest update on Robert Esche?
Jim McCrossin: "Robert had an MRI performed [Friday, Dec. 2]. He did have a slight tear in his common abductor tendon. He's going to be evaluated on Monday by Dr. William Meyers at Hahnemann Hospital."

What type of injury is this?
JM: "Right now, we have to classify it as an abductor strain. What we want to rule out is a possible sports hernia. The symptoms of one mimic the symptoms of the other. I spoke with Dr. Meyers and the earliest he could see him would be Monday. What we're looking to do is find out exactly what we're dealing with. Is it an abductor strain, or is it the makings of a sports hernia? What we're going to find out Monday is exactly that."

What are the differences between the two?
JM: "One is an actual strain of the abductor muscle. The other one is an actual tear along the abductor wall."

What is the time frame on the injuries, and is one more serious than the other?
JM: "They are both serious. With an abductor strain, it could be a week, two weeks, or possibly three. With a possible sports hernia, we're hoping about three weeks. In three to four weeks, we could have him back."

We won't have a further update until Monday?
JM: "Monday, late afternoon."
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