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ENTRY 4: Saying Goodbye Because I Have Class Tomorrow

2018 Draft Pick Wraps Up First Development Camp

by Jay O'Brien @Jay_OBrien19

Hey Everyone, this is my last post so I wanted to say thank you to everyone who checked in and read this blog. It's been such a great week.

This experience was just unbelievable. Top to bottom, from staff to teammates to equipment managers to trainers, everything was such a great experience for me. I learned so much - not only on the ice, but really off the ice.

This is such a great organization. I knew that coming into this from some people, but now I know more and it was such a great time.

This being my first camp what really stood out for me was the speed of the game with all the players in this group. Off the ice what really stood out was how professional all the older guys were. That's something that I'm really going to learn from and take away with me to Providence next year.

Video: Jay O'Brien following day 1 of Development Camp

I know there were a lot of fans out there but that 3 on 3 was really intense, especially that final game. Everybody was chirping, talking throughout. It was a blast. If there's something that was tough this week - it was the tough loss in the 3 on 3 final, but I'll be back next year.

Why I also liked was that we also got fed really good here. Best thing I had all week was something the chef made - it was a steak in a barbecue sauce.

Another thing I learned - the funniest guy within the group is definitely Matthew Strome. 

He'd always chirp me about being a high school kid. Everybody knows I have class tomorrow, so he was chirping me about that the whole time as well. Stromer is a funny, goofy guy. He kept everything light, but knew when to be serious, especially in meetings and preparation. 

Soon I'll be done with High School and then it's off to Providence. I'm looking forward to school and joining that hockey program. For me, I have to continue to get bigger and stronger. I know it's cliche but it's so true. In the NHL, you just have to be quick, strong on your feet - not as much weight-wise, but just muscle-wise so I think that's the biggest thing.

Well, that's it for me. I have to say the perfect word for this is bittersweet. I built such a good connection over the week with everyone here. They're all heading their separate ways now, but I'll see them soon.

Thanks for following along!


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