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Development Camp: Day 1 Quotes

by Staff Writer / Philadelphia Flyers

Nicolas Aube-Kubel

"Every year I come to camp in shape - I want to show everybody what I can do"

"It comes natural to me to score goals but my coaches told me if I want to be an NHL player I need to play a 200 ft game"

Carter Hart

"I'm just here to learn. Just here to make some new friends and meet a lot of new faces"

"It's good to know everyone around here and learn what it takes to be a Flyers goaltender. I'm just trying to soak in as much as I can from the coaches and learn what it takes to be a pro."

"The real key is eating right, getting a lot of sleep, and staying in shape. If you're not in shape you're not going to be able to play a lot of games."

"To be honest it doesn't even really matter where you go [in the draft] you just have to show up to camp and perform - that's all that matters. It's just a number if you're first; if you're the last pick in the draft, you're still drafted and that's pretty cool. You just have to show up to camp and perform like everybody else."

Pascal Laberge

"It's pretty fun to play with some older guys and compare yourself to these guys. My goal is just to make a good impression and try to go as far as I can."

"I can play center and as a winger" I put more points in the board on the wing"

"I'm an offensive player. I've got a good shot and I like to play a physical game"

Wade Allison

"I'm just trying to be a sponge out there, soak it all in."

"They want me to step outside my comfort zone. I'm trying to learn as much as I can"

"I try to be a big physical presence or there. Every drill I try to give everything I have and better myself every time I'm on the ice"

Travis Konecny

"I want to be on the Flyers, that's my goal but I've got a great group back in Sarnia so it would still be a privilege to play back there"

"My two way play has gotten a lot better. Over the course of three years I've managed to climb my way up from the minus into the plus"

"Hockey applies to life and last year game me some adversity to go through" [On being traded]

"I've played all three positions in forward to I am ready for whatever"

"I'm just working my hardest and doing what I can do"

Cole Bardreau

"I like to play with that different edge. This year my goal is to try to make a few games up with the Flyers"

"I enjoyed the coaching staff, the players, the facilities out there are great. I thought I did a good job transitioning and I'm looking forward to another year." [On transitioning to the Phantoms]

Travis Sanheim

"Offensive Defenseman is my game and something I want to build moving forward"

"Being here I'm just trying to work hard and make my game better. I'm pushing myself as hard as I can this year"

"Watching Gostisbehere succeed motivates us and gives us confidence in our game"

Robert Hagg

"Absolutely. Last year was my first serious injury and it's a life experience you need to have."

"I'm trying to be a two-way defender. That's what I want to be and that what a lot of teams need"

Ivan Provorov

"This camp is about learning. I'm just trying to learn as much as I can this week"

"You've got to play good defense first and the points will come after"

"I think this past year I've improved all areas of my game. We'll see what happens in September. It's hard to make the NHL, it's the best league in the world"

"You can always keep getting better there is no limit. I just want to keep being a stronger two-way player"

"Hextall is a smart guy and knows what he's doing. He tries to do what is best for his players"

"It's great to see the support and I appreciate it a lot"

Ron Hextall

"It's hard to change something or focus on a weakness when you're in your season. We want [the prospects] to take some fundamentals away to look at so by the time the season comes it's second nature"

"Teaching them how to be pros. They need to be ready to go. An education is truly what it's meant to be" [On Development Camp]

"In our day we used to show up to training camp, get out butt kicked and go home. Now is a time to give him an education"

"We like Cole. He's tenacious, irritating, hard working type of player"

"All these kids have to get bigger. You have to gain weight and strength but keep your agility and speed. The right kind of weight takes time"

"We have enough guys signed to play for the Flyers this year. Now if there's player x who can play better than the current roster than that's competition"

"Any player can be the best player in junior hockey. There's always something to gain or learn. What is too good for a league?"

"Part of a perfect world development is developing players in a winning atmosphere"

"We have good depth down there this year and we feel like we'll have a good team" [On the Phantoms]

"There's no real formula for decisions. Quite honestly a lot of its got feel"

"How smart would I be if I made decisions in two weeks? It has to be the whole picture"

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