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DAYS 5 & 6: The Best of the Week

Attard names the funniest prospect, best & embarrassing moments in his final entry

by Ronnie Attard @ronnieattard

Hey Flyers Fans! It's been a fun ride, so here is my final blog about the last two days at camp. Settle in, it's a long one, but you'll enjoy some of the stories.

On Friday, we got to the rink in the morning and had video session about competing.

From there, we got a dynamic stretch which shows us the best way to get our body loose and ready to go for practices. We then had a whole compete practice. It was a pretty hard, actually.

We had lunch after that (turkey burgers with grilled veggies). It was really good but I have to stick with my best meal being the steak and potatoes on Day 1. Nothing beats that. It was lights out and such a good meal. I am a steak and potatoes guy if you can't tell.

Then we had some downtime until the 3-on-3 tournament. During my downtime, I just hung out in my bed and watched Netflix. I had to just enjoy the air conditioning since it's so hot outside.

For the 3 on 3, we lost our first game, but after that, we won the rest of them. Just a great bounce back from our group.

Wade Allison had a nice goal with four seconds left in the finals to force OT, then Mason Millman ended it with a nice shot. That was a fun event.

All the guys are really skilled. One that stood out to me this week would be Cam York. The guy had a real eye-opening week here. He could do some good stuff with the puck. All-around good skater, too. He's pretty good.

Jack St. Ivany's another guy that stood out to me. He's a big, tall defenseman with silky mitts.

Talked to a few fans a little bit after the big win. It's really cool to see them out there. You can really feel the support and they really have your back.

All the fans have been super nice and super welcoming. They got a lot of dedication. They stand outside in the hot sun all day and wait for us to walk back and forth. They have dedication for autographs and pictures. I'll give them that. It's awesome to see them out there.

After that, we went to the Chop House and had nice dinner there for us.

Woke up on Saturday for practice. We were out there as a team to prepare for the 5-on-5 scrimmage. Good chemistry and everyone was gelling really well. I feel pretty good. A lot better than Day 2's practice. After Day 1, I was pretty sore.

I am thinking a good victory for Team Orange tonight. We got Bobby Brink. He was dialed in this morning so I am expecting one or two out of him tonight. He's a pure goal scorer.

This whole experience has been great. Met so many guys and learned a lot.

Funniest person in camp has to be with Adam Ginning. He's just a funny guy. I think most the Swedes are pretty funny. He's got good humor.

Although Jay O'Brien mucking two and half pieces of cheesecake at dinner last night was one of the funniest moments. Guy was a machine.

I would say the most tiring aspect of camp would be ball hockey and soccer. It was a pretty tiring event. They said we were going there for fun, but it was a lot of sweating and a lot of running. Got me real tired before the skate.

Coach Slava, the skating coach here, has taught me a lot this week. Just on my stride, my base, my stance and how I go about my stride. It helps a lot. Skating is something I need to work on. He tells me straight up how it is.

One embarrassing moment from camp this week has been our performance in volleyball. Had a bad performance. Our whole team performance wasn't very good. Expected more out of the team. Looking forward to redemption next year.

The 5-on-5 was super competitive. Not a lot of space out there. It's pretty quick. I was trying to incorporate some offense there and put one off the roommate's helmet once - kind of felt bad for him, but it was good save. Also, had some chemistry with Wyatt [Kalynuk].

Lots of fun though. Lots of good competition and our team came away with the win. We ended with a shootout and of course I tried something I shouldn't have - I was talking to Bryce [Brodzinski] and he said 'Give the fans what they want' so I tried a move I'd never try ever. Would have been cool if I got it.

So from here I have to go back up to Western Michigan to train all summer after this. 

I'll be up there, working on school, training and skating. It'll be pretty busy but we get a couple weeks off in August so that'll be nice. 

Thanks for following along. I got a really positive response from everyone... even my family has been reading along, ha!

- Ronnie

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