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Days 2 & 3: Good to be cold

Getting back on the ice and feeling a little sore afterwards

by Ronnie Attard @ronnieattard

Hey everyone, thanks for checking out my first day and following along. I'm enjoying doing this blog...

Yesterday was really good. It was the first time with everyone being out on the ice together, all the defenseman. I know the guys are super excited to be out there.

Practice started off with some good skating instruction for the first twenty minutes, then we got into some shooting skills. There was a lot of skill work, too. A lot of really good drills to develop us as players.

I've only skated a hand full of times before the draft. Felt a little bit rusty out there. I got my new equipment when I got here. The only thing I brought are my skates

After that, we had a little bit of a break and had some meetings to go to.

From there, we went and played some ball hockey and soccer, which I think was more of a conditioning thing honestly. Kind of their way of hiding it and not saying we have conditioning, but that was the conditioning for sure.

The guys were loving it. We're all going super hard, so that was some good fun competition. I am not that good at soccer, so I struggled on all that running. It was tiring.

Ball hockey was a lot of fun. I scored a goal. We ended up losing though, which was a little upsetting. We have another chance to go back at it and go for redemption.

We hopped back on the ice after that and did some more skill work. After the second skate, I felt more confident.

We watched some video to develop our games and had a good dinner after that.

We had the rest of the night off after that and to get recovered. I was able to get some more food in me. We have a nice little snack bar at the hotel.

I got to bed after that.

I woke up today and, got up and start it all over again.

Feeling a little sore and a little tired after the first morning session today. Definitely feeling a lot better than yesterday. 

I've met a lot of guys. It's been a pretty good mix. I've been hanging with Jack St. Ivany a lot and a couple of the recent draft picks like Bobby Brink and Cam York, but I'm not sticking with one or two guys. Just talking to everyone and getting to meet everyone.

Looking forward to Trial on the Isle, I've heard a little bit about it. I'm super excited. I've never been on the beach here on the East Coast, so I'm super excited about that and to get there.

I saw we have a nice sunny day, hopefully the weather holds up. I am a pretty good volleyball player too, so excited about that.

Hopefully, I can get a good teammate. Maybe Wade Allison, he's a competitor and puts everything in whatever he's doing. I think if he's on my team, I think we have a pretty good shot at it.

That's it for today... If you're around tomorrow say hi at the Trial and I'll let you know how everything is going!

- Ronnie

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