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Clarke Discusses Trade Deadline

by Staff Writer / Philadelphia Flyers

Flyers General Manager Bob Clarke met with the local media following the 3:00 p.m. NHL trading deadline on Thursday. Clarke and the Flyers front office made two trades, acquiring defenseman Denis Gauthier from Phoenix and right wing Niko Dimitrakos from San Jose.

Clarke discussed several topics about the deadline.

On what happened with Mark Recchi:
Bob Clarke: "We talked to [Penguins General Manager] Craig [Patrick] a couple times this morning. We had four second [round] picks at that time. Our second pick we could have given up was better than Carolina's, but they had better prospects than we were willing to give up."

Who did they ask for?
BC: "I can't tell you that. It was more than we feel we could give up. We knew that [Carolina] was involved. They had a better offer to make than we could. We tried, we made our best shot, but it wasn't enough."

Did you think there would be more trade activity than there was?
BC: "I thought there would be way less, actually."

Did you try to get any other defensemen?
BC: "No, this was the only…there was others on the table, but we felt Gauthier was a real good fit for our club."

On Denis Gauthier:
BC: "He is a physical player. He is somewhat like [Rangers defenseman Darius] Kasparaitis. He will go up the middle and hit people. Like Kasparaitis, he'll go after the better players on other teams. It was one area where we felt like we had to get better, especially with the injuries we have on defense. We did get better. He's a good solid defenseman who brings some physical parts, but he can pass the puck. I think we still need [Kim] Johnsson to get back.

"You need to figure out who is available and who fits into your team. We've liked this player for a long time. Obviously we played a big price, but every player that went today a team paid a big price for."

On Niko Dimitrakos:
BC: "Dean Lombardi, who is our pro scout, drafted him and signed him in San Jose. He's very highly skilled; probably an underachiever so far, although he was the leading scorer for rookies two years in the playoffs. So there is a huge upside, but with those types of players there's a downside, too. We just needed to try and upgrade our skills up front."

Will he possibly report to the Phantoms?
BC: "Oh no, he's an NHL player."

On the team:
BC: "If we can get healthy we can be a real good team. We're going to get [Michal] Handzus back. We're hoping to get Johnsson back. You can't replace [Keith] Primeau obviously, but you do the best you can."

On Turner Stevenson, who was waved on March 8:
BC: "He just remains with us. We never had to assign him to the Phantoms or anything at all."

Can you send him up and down?
BC: "If we wanted to, but we're not going to."
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