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Captain Video

by Staff Writer / Philadelphia Flyers
Athletes are preparing for training camp, the upcoming season in both the gym and on the ice.

The coaching staff is going over line ups, possible line combinations and figuring out the best way to integrate their systems.

But the one thing that both athlete and coach share as part of their prep work is going over video.

So the questions remains who does the video?

Enter the team’s video coach Adam Patterson, also known as “Captain Video” in’s article last spring. CLICK HERE FOR STORY

Patterson is in with the rest of the coaching staff a little early this summer cutting film, making demo tapes for the coaches and starting the framework for his pre-scout reports on Flyers opponents for the 2011-12 season.

And although you might think it’s the slow point of the off-season, right now could be the busiest (and most important) time of the year for Patterson.

“In the next week or so, we’ll sit down and start to go over all of the systems,” said Patterson. “We go over every angle of our system – our breakout, our forecheck, our power-play and penalty kill. We have a lot of new guys this year so it’s going to be a lot of teaching early on in order to get them acclimated to our system.

“We play a different system than most teams do, so as far as I know the new guys coming in haven’t been a part of it yet.”

He enters his third season as the Philadelphia Flyers video coach and overall 10th year with the organization. During that time, Patterson spent two seasons with the club’s American Hockey League affiliate, the Philadelphia Phantoms, winning the Calder Cup with the team in 2005.

“What I’m doing now is mostly getting set up for the year. I’m making sure I have all of my equipment and all of my ducks in-a-row before we get going, because once preseason hits it’s full steam ahead at that point.”

Patterson will address the new group of players sparingly during training camp, but as he points out, Flyers head coach Peter Laviolette will take the lead on a majority of the meetings because he’s the one that knows the system the best and can slow it down for the new players so they can get a clear understanding of it.

“During camp he [Laviolette] takes care of most of that, then once the season gets going he slips me in as a different voice so the players don’t just hear him all of the time.”

Sometimes that footage is even used for players on the current team, rather than opponents. Patterson will take specific requests from players if they want to see their tendencies or another player/goalie that they frequently face during the season.

And while the task is tedious at times, Patterson fully admits the advances in technology has made his job a lot easier, especially in the last few years, and has give the coaches a better ability to plan game plans.

“We have a hockey specific system that we use [to pull clips]. It’s the same system that we use for editing games. A guy started Hoop1 media a couple years ago where he puts every game up on the internet, so we can access games and download them directly on a hard drive, so we don’t have to get DVD’s. Now if you want to watch a players’ shifts or goals it’s so quick.”
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