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Bundy's Mailbag: 11/2/18

Chris Therien answers fan questions from Twitter

by Chris Therien @ctherien6 /

Flyers Contributor Chris Therien collected the best of your Twitter questions and answered them below. Have a question for him? Use #BundyMailbag on Twitter.


Tweet from @adamschmidt08: Can we play a complete game with the talent we have? #BundyMailbag

The last two games [Anaheim and Los Angeles] have proven the Flyers can play a complete game. I overheard Wayne Simmonds post win in LA saying "Prior to this trip the team has probably only played 3 good games…" So even the players were wondering themselves if this is how a bad stretch of hockey can affect a player. Absolutely this team can play a complete game, but they need to learn to be more consistent.

Tweet from @Flyers420_69: I know a lot of people are talking about the coach, or a trade, etc but what do YOU think needs to be done to change the way the flyers are playing?Since Lavy Era the team has been quite mundane. #BundyMailbag

Typically, the GM will evaluate the team day to day when going through a rough stretch. This is when decisions would be made whether or not to change personnel or make tweaks. Flyers GM, Ron Hextall, has proven in his tenure that he is patient, believes in what he does, and sticks to those beliefs whether or not it's popular opinion. I do not want to step out of line by saying anything needs to change, but one thing that can change the dynamics of your team is getting a couple of wins on the West Coast. Ultimately, we all want to win games, and when you're in a bad funk nothing can fix it but winning.


Tweet from @cgresko23: Did you see the same recharged team against the ducks? Or will tonight against the kings be a good litmus test. Thanks bundy!

Anaheim and LA, they're teams that were going through a rough stretch, as well. The New York Rangers just went out to the West Coast and swept the three California teams. I never would've thought the Rangers could do that, but they were able to. The Flyers again had two tough teams in Anaheim and LA, but ultimately we had more juice in those games. It was important to get the one win in Anaheim, but I think it can be counterproductive if you go into the next game and lose. That's not what happened for the Flyers; they came out and played two solid 60-minute hockey games which were then rewarded four points.


Tweet from @Markster68: You think with the Kings needing a goalie and the team in L.A. right now that Hexy might swing a deal to clear up the Flyers log jam at the position? #BundyMailbag

As an organization we have too many goaltenders. That's not to say they're not capable of playing at the American League or above, they are all very qualified. That being said, if there's a player fit in LA, a team that is injured and has one of their best players, Jonathan Quick injured, it's hard to say how that would play out. However, if they are falling too far behind in the standings or another team has an injured goalie and they're also falling behind in the standings, I would expect the Flyers to be a team that other general managers would call looking to get some help from. I say this simply because of the quality and depth that the Flyers have in their organization so I can never rule that out. Again, the Flyers won't want to have that many qualified goaltenders sitting on the bench or in the press box for long, so anytime you have an extra asset, and another team has something detrimental that has happened to their lineup, everything is in play. I do not think it's a bad thing that the Flyers have stockpiled goaltenders.

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