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Anthony Stolarz: My 1st NHL Camp

by Staff Writer / Philadelphia Flyers

The Flyers second round pick in this year’s NHL Entry Draft, goaltender Anthony Stolarz, enters his first NHL camp this summer. At the end of each day, will catch up with Stolarz to hear about his experience on and off the ice…

DAY 7 
Stolarz After Scrimmage
In today’s scrimmage, I got the call to start. It went pretty well. I gave up three goals, but I thought I play well. I felt a lot more comfortable than yesterday. Black really came out. They wanted that win but at the end, our team, Team Orange got the win. They looked like a different team than we saw yesterday. They were a little more aggressive on the forecheck and you could definitely tell they had their legs today.

To start we were back on our heels a little bit, but in between the first and second period, Lappy gave us a little talk. We turned things around and that showed in the second.

There were a couple fights in today’s scrimmage. They were pretty good fights. When a guy gets hit, he is obviously going to be upset. Tye McGinn wanted come back and get some revenge.

My family came to see me today. My two brothers and my parents were here. It was great seeing them. I am going to go to lunch with them and hang out until I have to catch my flight back to Omaha.

I will be in Omaha for the rest of the summer. I will get a one-week break right before the fall semester. I am taking two classes this summer and we work out four days a week. Coach likes us being there all year around. So we have two captain’s skates a week. It’s nice to get there early, hang out with the guys and meet everyone. It’s a goof time to get adjusted to the campus.

My rookie season should be fun. Hopefully I will play, but if I don’t I will keep working hard.

I am going to take away a lot from this camp and work on everything Coach Reese told me: patience, power down and moving around the crease, and also being faster. I am definitely going to stay in contact with him.

Last night John, Chase and I decided go pitching and putting, again. I didn’t have any more luck this time. Chase ended up winning so again. I think he is hustling us. Then we got back and watched some TV and went to bed.

This morning we had our first scrimmage of camp. It went well. It was a good experience. Everyone has been waiting all week for the scrimmages. This is the chance we see what everyone’s really made of.

Cal Heeter started for our team, and I went in the second half. I was a little cold at first but got warmed up pretty quickly. I didn’t accomplish my goal – I gave up one goal, but I mean I’ll take it. We ended up getting the win.

It was a good game. We had a hard working team. We blocked a lot of shots and put a lot on net. I have to say it was a nice easy day for the goalies.

We were supposed to paintballing but because of the weather we had a change in plans. We’re going to go bowling. Bowling is a good consolation prize so we’ll take it. I’m not bad at bowling. I used to bowl as a kid but it’s been awhile. So we will see…

After practice yesterday I just relaxed a bit, and then went to dinner. Chase Hatcher, John Stevens and I decided to go play some pitch and putt. We spent about two and a half hours playing, and I shot an eight over which put me in last place. It was a fun time, but I am not too much of golfer. I just started playing down in Corpus Christi. I am definitely looking to play a little more.

We played mini golf after that, and I ended up winning that; so I did redeem myself there. It was a fun night, and it was good to get out.

Chase Hatcher documented our golfing last night, and he got photos of me playing like Happy Gilmore. It was all about getting low just like shooting with a hockey stick. I am going to have to take some video and pictures of Chase tonight and get him back.

We had another 9am session. It was just me and Cal Heeter again. We worked one-on-one with Coach Reese. It was playing the puck the entire time. Usually goalies don’t get to do that too often in games but Coach Reese gave Cal, me and the other goalies a chance to go out there and play. It was a fun practice compared to the other ones. Playing the puck as a goalie is fun. It was good working on things, and I am looking forward to the scrimmages tomorrow.

After practice I will probably go back and take a nap. Then I will grab some dinner, and we may go play some more golf or go see a movie. We haven’t quite decided.


My last post was right before the softball game at Trial on the Isle. I didn't get to bat, but it was a fun time. I just sat in the dugout, talked to the guys and mingled with some fans. It was a good time.

Dinner was good. It was a barbecue. I haven't had barbecue in a while, since I have been in Texas which has been a couple months. It was hot dogs, hamburgers and french fries. We had a good time. At dinner I sat with Chase Hatcher and John Stevens. We had a group of fans sitting with us who bought tickets for charity. It was nice interacting with them. It was great that they came out and supported us.

After dinner we watched the movie, Broad Street Bullies. It was just an interesting documentary looking back at the tradition of the Flyers. It was very interesting. They were a great team and it was fun to see the way they played; it was a different style, but it worked. They won two Stanley Cups.

I definitely see myself fitting into that culture. I hope to be like Bernie Parent.

This morning I woke up a little sore from the training yesterday. My groin and hips were a little stiff. We had nice and easy morning workout. It was a mostly stretching and going through everything to make sure we were alright. Then we hopped on the ice at 10:30.

Today was a little different than earlier in the week. It wasn't as up-tempo and was more of two-on-ones and two-on-twos. It was passing across, skills and stick handling through the little bridges that they had. Overall, we had a good practice.

DAY 3 - Trial on the Isle
Today we had Trial on the Isle. I woke up at 6:15, showered and got ready. Then, I went down for breakfast at about
Anthony Stolarz carries Chase Hatcher on his back across the beach in Stone Harbor, NJ at the Flyers annual Trial on the Isle.
6:45. We walked over to the rink where the bus left at 7am.

I slept the entire way down here. It was about an hour and 20-minute ride. I just laid back and took a nap.

I played hockey down in Texas, and it’s a little different than the Jersey shore. The waves are definitely a lot bigger here than in Texas. In Texas you can drive your car right up on the beach rather than parking on the street. The culture is different too. Down in Texas, there is a lot of BBQing on the beach.

The training with the military was fantastic. We did a 25-minute warmup that was really tiring and intense. It wasn’t that bad after that. After the warmup, we were paired up. I was partners with Chase Hatcher, and we had to carry each other on our backs across the beach. That went okay, but we were two of the bigger guys in camp. It was a little rough going up the hill, and we did fall a couple times and had some laughs.

After that we broke up into our teams and did relay races. We had to run down the beach a few blocks, pick up a stretcher and carry a teammate all the way back. We were pretty much using teamwork, just like we need to do on the ice.

Next, we went to the Yacht Club and we had a blind kayak race on the bay. That went well mostly because my team ended up winning. I was paired up with Reece Willcox. He was paddling while I gave him directions. That went well.

We showered up. Everyone was pretty hot and tired from the beach. Then we had lunch. It was a very, very good lunch and I am looking forward to dinner.

We went over to the elementary school for an autograph session. I didn’t expect that many fans to show up, but I was happy that they came out and it was a fun time. It was great to meet the fans.

We have the softball game next. Hopefully I am going to hit a home run. I have a little trick up my sleeve so lets see how it goes….

Yesterday, I was tired after practice and we went back to the hotel. Then, I actually ended up going to see Spiderman last night with Chase Hatcher and John Stevens. The movie was pretty good. It was exciting but you know, I don't want to give away any spoiler alerts. After, we just hung out for a little bit and turned down pretty early last night.

Today, we woke up, went to the rink and had a nice 20 minute quick stretch and then got dressed. I found out I was supposed to be on the ice at 10:30, but then I got switched to the 9:00 session so I just went and got ready. It was a goalie's only practice so it was nice to have some one-on-one time with coach Reese. It was very helpful, he just gave me some tips and pointers and just helping me out along the way. There were a couple shooters out there and Cal Heeter was out there too.

My older brother and one of his best friends came to see me came at camp today which was nice. Some more family should be coming later in the week.

Tomorrow is Trial on the Isle. I've heard it's a triathlon type deal with paddle boarding, running, and biking, and that it's just a long, hard day. Some of the guys around camp, they don't know what to expect. They say they've heard there's going to be some Military expert running it but we're just going to have to wait and see tomorrow. It sounds like a fun day. I am up for the challenge and hopefully I'll be good to go.

Coming home after the Draft was great. There was a lot of kids from home that were congratulating me. A lot of them are Flyers fans so I was just happy that I was drafted so close to home.

Going into camp, I expected that we were going to be working hard. Today wasn’t too bad. I faced a lot more shots than I expected, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

I’ve heard a couple stories from kids at other camps that their first day usually is just all skating and you don’t touch any pucks. But instead, I probably got around a thousand shots so there’s nothing wrong with that as a goalie. You just enjoy it.

This wasn’t my first time playing at Skate Zone. I played in the Liberty Bell Games. It was a good experience. I think it was two years ago, just playing with a lot of kids from the local area around here. It was a good experience, good exposure at the time, and it’s definitely nice to be back.

Some of my friends actually came down to watch, I saw them in the stands today. My family is coming down towards the end of the week for the scrimmages so it’s going to be nice to catch up with them and see everyone again. I really haven’t been home since Christmas.

I came to camp knowing Trevor van Riemsdyk, Chase Hatcher, and John Stevens. I will be rooming with Ian Slater. After this, I’ll probably just get back, wind down, and prepare for tomorrow. I’m really tired. It’s been a long day so far, so I’ll just relax a little bit and hang out with some of the guys.
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