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For the past six years, the Flyers Wives have instituted a very special program known as "Building Hope for Kids". This program is in partnership with St. Christopher's Hospital and Michael's Way and helps change the life of a child and family who needs it most. With Flyers Charities and the generosity of Fastrack Construction and Michael's Way, the wives help to literally rebuild the home of a child fighting cancer. This year, our adopted family lives in Mayfair and little Syrianna, who is now seven months old, has optic glioma, which presented as tumors behind both of her eyes. As Syrianna is fighting hard and enduring treatment, Michael's Way is constructing a basement suite for her and her Mom and remodeling the rest of the house to make it more functional and comfortable for the rest of her family. Your generosity to Flyers Charities helps us continue programs like Building Hope for Kids and on behalf of all the Flyers Wives, we thank you for your generosity and invite you to continue with us on this journey to help Syrianna and her family! The reveal of the completed project will be on February 12th!

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For more information about Building Hope for Kids and this project please contact Flyers Charities

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