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Ultimate Ladies Night Out

by Miranda Baker / Calgary Flames

It was a night of glitz and glamour for women around Calgary, as the Calgary Flames Better Halves hosted their first ever Ultimate Ladies Night Out.

Right from the second you stepped in the door at Flames Central, women young and old were presented with goody bags and treated like queens from that moment forward.

Most of the time, Flames Central is full of a mixture of beer drinking sports enthusiasts of the female and male gender, although a majority of them tend to the latter variety. But not Thursday -- as 750 woman piled into seats, booths or stood at bars, enjoying, what often seems like a rarity, a night away from the guys.

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The evening out included a silent auction, which featured 18 personalized gift baskets the Flames Better Halves put together, composing them of  'a few of their favourite things'. The sold out event raised money for the Rotary/Flames House through the Flames Foundation for Life.

"There are also some trips from Air Canada and there is a beautiful diamond necklace, worth $10,000, which hopefully some lucky lady will sport home tonight," commented S.J. (Sloane) Muldoon Giradin, Vice President of Scotiabank Alberta South and Kootenay District, the night's headlining sponsor.

"Helping terminally ill children is a cause that is near and dear to everyone's heart, so it's great to be a partner with the wives; they've done an excellent event, and we're going to have a lot of fun."

Although having a 'girls night out' was one of the many perks to the event, when all was said and done, the night was about the children and helping them through the Rotary/Flames House, which is Alberta's first pediatric hospice and respite centre for terminally ill children.

According to Stephane Yelle's better half, Susan Yelle, it started with the idea of putting baskets together and then all fell into place from there.

"These baskets are something we've all put together, they show a little bit of our own personality and it was just built from there, and it became this huge event," said Yelle, who also participated in the evening's celebrity fashion show.

"It's good that the Flames give back to the families of Calgary, and we support them every single day, and that's where we like to give our money too, is to the people that support us every single day."

The Rotary/Flames House, which is currently under construction, will be a free-standing pediatric hospice serving families from Southern Alberta who need help caring for a child with a progressive or life-threatening illness.

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