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Treliving feeling out market on deadline day

by Aaron Vickers / Calgary Flames

There’s lots of activity, which is not unusual. There’s nothing imminent to report or anything I would consider close at this point but things can change.Brad Treliving
PHILADELPHIA, PA -- With phone glued to hand, Brad Treliving suggested nothing imminent was on the burner.

But with phone buzzing minutes later, the general manager of the Calgary Flames admitted he wouldn’t shy away from trying to improve his team before the NHL Trade Deadline.

“The players have put us in the position we’re in this race and if there’s something that makes sense from an asset cost standpoint that doesn’t impact our long-term future, by all means we’d look at that,” Treliving told Flames TV. “We haven’t got to that point. We haven’t found that deal yet that we feel the price meets the return. We’ll continue to ask and we’ve got a few more hours left.”

In other words, nothing’s close.

“You’re talking to teams on a real regular basis and that picks up as you get closer to the deadline,” Treliving said. “There’s lots of activity, which is not unusual. There’s nothing imminent to report or anything I would consider close at this point but things can change. You’re trying to monitor all the teams and find out what they’re up to, what their needs may be and whether there’s an opportunity for you.

“It ebbs and flows. Early on in the morning you’re making calls and it sort of dips and picks up steam. It’s pretty constant, especially when you get to the actual day. I know a lot of the focus is on deadline day but this work has been going on for the last number of days and weeks as you get closer to it. It’s active. There’s lots of talking and I think that will continue right until 3 o’clock Eastern.”

The first-year Flames GM made his first move Sunday, optioning veteran winger Curtis Glencross -- who spent seven years with Calgary -- to the Washington Capitals in exchange for second and third round picks in the 2015 NHL Draft.

It hasn’t determined a deadline day strategy, though.

At 70 points, the Flames are tied for third in the Pacific Division with the Los Angeles Kings and trail the Minnesota Wild for the second Western Conference wild-card spot into the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Calgary’s surprising success has put Treliving in a situation where he hasn’t declared the Flames buyers or sellers heading up against the trade deadline.

It has given him reason to pause, though.

“We believe in our group,” Treliving said. “We’ve gotten to this point with the group that we’ve got. We’re not eager to start sending people out of here by any stretch of the imagination. We’re real pleased with our group. It’s a tight-knit group. I think we’ve got great chemistry. Are we looking to see if we can add to this group in the short term? Absolutely.

“You do that all the time. There’s been lots of talk over the long-term and as we look at our plan here, it is to continue to build our base and continue to add whether it be prospects, picks, younger assets, moving forward. We also want to recognize the job the players have done.”

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