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by Torie Peterson / Calgary Flames

The final days before the NHL Draft, Calgary Flames hockey operations staff and scouts conduct one-on-one interviews with prospects in hopes of getting a better read on players they

It is a continuation of the process started in Toronto during the NHL Draft Combine earlier this month where there Flames scouting team interviewed 58 prospects and reviewed their fitness testing results and medical history.

"We just sort of picked out seven or eight that we think conceivably could be in that wheelhouse of where we're picking," assistant general manager John Weisbrod said. "Guys that you want to dig a little deeper on and, in this case, get Jay some exposure to.

"It's a good chance to take it to the next level with the guys that we found appealing in that whole Toronto process."

General manager Jay Feaster wasn't able to attend the Combine with the rest of his team as he was in the midst of hiring new head coach Bob Hartley. This makes the interview process in Pittsburgh even more important and, given that these prospects are familiar with Calgary's scouting crew, they may feel more comfortable in these final meetings.

"When you meet with a person for the second time, it's a little more familiarity and little more of the guard down but really, in Toronto, they were all over the board," Weisbrod noted. "Some guys are really coached up and prepared. It's tough to get to the real stuff. Some guys are real down to earth and just come in and let it fly.

"Different kids handle it different ways."

These interviews are a great way to solidify where the scouting team has a player ranked on their list.

"Usually when you meet with a kid two or three times, you're going to be able get a pretty good feel for what makes them tick."

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