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Strategy in place

by Torie Peterson / Calgary Flames
CALGARY, AB -- On Tuesday morning, Calgary Flames acting general manager Jay Feaster issued the organization's post-season address, stating that team will be moving ahead by building around a select group of players.

"The idea that we have a core that we can build around, yeah, I do believe we have a core that we can build around," he said, adding that likes of Jarome Iginla, Miikka Kiprusoff and Robyn Regehr want to help develop a winning team in Calgary.

"There are players in the core, they talk about that. It's the frustration level they feel. 'I've been part of the core and I haven't gotten it done.' I kinda like that. I like players who say 'I want to deliver,' and 'This is unacceptable what's happened the last two years,' and 'I want to be part of the turnaround or the success.' I do think we have a core and a good core. We're going to keep that core together and build around it."

One of the names that has been thrown into trade rumors over the past several years is Jarome Iginla. Many believe trading the captain will provide the team with a lot of potential in the future but Feaster squashed the idea immediately.

"Jarome is not going anywhere," he stated firmly. "I don't know how else to say it ... Jarome is the face of the franchise in so many ways. Jarome is a guy, who at times this season, has carried this hockey club.

"There's no doubt in my mind that Jarome wants to win a Stanley Cup and he wants to win it here. And we want to win a Stanley Cup and win it with Jarome here. It's a non-starter. The captain is going nowhere."

When it was pointed out that Iginla could potentially fetch a few high draft picks and help create depth in the organization, Feaster noted there was other ways of doing just that without ridding the franchise of its leader. 

"I traded a seventh-round pick for a broken down Freddy Modin so there are always other ways to get draft picks," he chuckled, adding that he wouldn't go into which players other than Iginla would be considered untouchable.

Feaster also delved into the topic of his title. While he has been given the authority to act as any other general manager in the NHL, the Williamstown, PA native still has "acting" tacked onto to his business cards.

"The deal when I took when I took this job at the end of December was that we were going to talk about it at the of the season," Feaster said, noting that while the team may not playing, the season isn't over from an organizational standpoint. "We'll go through these meetings and we'll gather all of this information. We'll do our final readings on everybody, both in our own organization and all the others. Then I'm confident Ken (King) and I will sit down and talk about things."

The term "acting" isn't a source of concern for Feaster moving forward and he said he will go about business with the mindset that he has the job.

"It truly hasn't been something that has inhibited me in the moves that I've made or to go to Ken or go to ownership and make recommendations. It isn't an impediment. If it's something that isn't done until after the Stanley Cup finals, as Ken has talked about publicly, we're still doing our business.

"The way that I look at it is that until somebody tells me otherwise, I'm going to continue to do my job."
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