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A breakdown of what Brad Treliving discussed following the first round


Following the first round of the 2019 NHL Draft, Flames general manager Brad Treliving met with the media to discuss how the evening unfolded:

On selecting Jakob Pelletier 26th overall

"Jakob is a guy we obviously followed a lot all year. Elite compete, elite hockey sense. Those are two things we value greatly. Very productive, he's got skill, but he's got hard skill. He goes into hard areas. The DNA of this kid, like I said a high, high motor, and just ultra, ultra-competitive, tons of character and that's the core of him and it's wrapped in a pretty skilled package so we thought it was a pretty good pick at this spot."

On Pelletier's style of play

"His jersey needs to get washed at the end of the game, because it's a little bit filthy. He goes in he scores goals in hard areas, it's not perimeter, he plays inside and he's produced, he's been productive but again, he's a guy that's going to need some time, but we have attributes we think our important and you stick by them, and a real good kid, happy to have him."

"This kid is going to make it or die trying and that's what you like about him."


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On interviewing Pelletier ahead of the NHL Draft

"We talked about what he's about. He's about winning. (We asked him) we're sitting there at 26 and we have a few names why do we call out Pelletier? (He responded) 'Because I'm going to help win a Stanley Cup.' It's better then saying 'Because I like the mountains,' or something like that. It's authentic with him. You hear a lot of things, it's authentic with him. You guys will get to know him, he's a driven and competitive kid."

On analytics and drafting Pelletier

"We do a lot of data, we track a lot of things not only in the NHL but amateur-wise. The data we keep, this guy, is, it's impressive. His brain, he's got a great hockey brain. Sometimes he's not going to pull you out of your seat but what he ends up doing is making the right play a lot of the time and the coaches trust him, he plays in all situations as we all talk about the 200-foot player. So he's a guy that had 40 goals, and 90 points and he's killing penalties he's playing in the d-zone, he's one of the three on a 5-on-3."

On trade talk during the first round

"It was quiet; we got a couple of call right before our pick to move back but nothing that made sense to us."

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