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Rapid fire with Nigel Dawes

by Mitch Nybo / Calgary Flames
Rapid Fire is a feature that appears in BLAZE Magazine, the official program of the Calgary Flames, on a regular basis. Blaze Magazine is available ont he concourse at every Flames game. BLAZE is also now available in stores in Calgary and online in digital format. For more information on how you can get copies of BLAZE, please click here.

For this Rapid Fire, Mitch Nybo sat down with forward Nigel Dawes.
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How old were you when you first started taking hockey seriously?
Probably around nine or 10.

How excited are you to play in Canada as an NHLer for the first time?
I’m really excited for it. It’s obviously a dream come true, growing up in Canada and now being able to play in the NHL in Canada... it’s a lot of fun.

Are you looking forward to people actually noticing you on the street now or not?
(Laughs) Well it hasn’t happened yet so I guess we’ll see.

How often do you change your skates per year?
Probably four or five pairs a year just because they break down. So every month, month and a half, I’ll change them.

What about sticks?
Between 70 and 80, which is basically one a game.

As a smaller player (Dawes is 5'8"), how do you survive in the NHL?
Hard work and smarts. You just have to keep your head up and be smart. You’ve got to be quick out there to beat the bigger guys to the puck and to the play.

Who was your favourite player growing up?
I’ve always liked Joe Sakic. When I was young, I always followed him. He had a great shot and was a  great leader.

Being from Winnipeg, how big of a Jets fan were you?
When they left I was still pretty young and didn’t really get out to too many games. I think it wasn’t until they left that it kind of hit home.

In a shootout, do you know beforehand if you are going to shoot or deke? Or do you just think it up as you go along?
You kind of think it up as you go along, read off the goalie and see what he’s giving you and just go off that.

Other than hockey, what sport do you play to stay in shape?
Well I like to play golf, but I always take a cart so I don’t think it keeps me in shape!

How excited are you to be on the same team as Jarome Iginla?
I’m really excited about it. Obviously he’s an all-star, a great player, great leader and he makes everyone around him better.

Iggy’s been known to have massive media scrums around his stall after every game. Now that your stall is right next to his, how do you feel about that?
It won’t be too bad. (Laughs) I’ll just hide in behind there, listen in and get
some pointers.

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