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The Flames sound off on tonight's game and getting back to work after the break

by TORIE PETERSON @ToriePeterson /


"I think it's just all mental, to be honest with you. Obviously we're athletes so we shouldn't have hopefully lost too much physically. I think it's just all mental. Yesterday was important, getting on the ice and getting your mind right. Today as well, the pre-game skate … just mentally being ready to be engaged in the game and knowing what we need to do to have success." - Chad Johnson

"We've all had breaks, we know what to expect in the first game, the first shift. You don't want to hold back. You want to go after it and the team we're playing, I don't think they've had a break. They're going to be right into it. For us, it's getting engaged as soon possible. That's the biggest key for us." - Johnson

"We have to prepare ourselves right when we come to the rink here, get our mind ready and have a good warm-up, get our bodies ready to go. As you said, a good start will be key just to make it easier on (us). Play easy at first and just build our game up will be a big key." - Mikael Backlund

"I was very impressed with our practice yesterday, to be honest with you. I liked that all of our guys were here Saturday night. They didn't fly in Sunday, they came in Saturday night. They were all here and ready. We had a good practice. I'm expecting that we're going to be ready to play. It's like Christmas break or before any break … you're always a little nervous where the guys are at. I thought our guys, in all those situations this year, have handled very well." - Glen Gulutzan


"I honestly don't put much energy into living and dying by other teams games. The reason for that is I know where we're at, I know how we're playing. I look and every season, it's going to come down to the last 10 … I think it's going to come (down) right to the end, with the way it does every year. Teams are going to be within two or three points of each other. I try not to burn a lot of jet fuel on watching other teams and living and dying on when they win because I can't control that." - Gulutzan

"I kept up to date with all that stuff, looked at scores and kept an eye on the standings. I know where we are and as a group we know where we are. Tonight's an important one." - Sean Monahan


"I just park that and play my game. Obviously to get there would be pretty special and pretty cool. But right now we're focused on winning hockey games. If I can help by putting the puck in the net, that would be great."

"It wouldn't mean much but maybe when I get older and look back, it will mean something. But right now my focus is on winning and obviously I play with good players and have a lot of good opportunities to get there."

"That's pretty cool but (looking) back, I've got a lot of opportunities. I've played some big minutes and I've played with some great players. That plays a key factor into getting there."


"They won their last couple games. They beat Pittsburgh in overtime and they've been playing well. Tonight's a big game. We can't take them lightly and we've got to be on top of our game." - Monahan

"Arizona is below (us) but it you look at the games we've played … they've been hard-fought games. They've been some of our better games, more intense games that we've played. None of the games have been a blow-out, they've all been really close. I expect it to be a physical, intense game tonight. I think our players are expecting that and I think that will make us sharper coming into tonight." - Gulutzan

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