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Office mates ready for Cup rivalry

by Aaron Vickers / Calgary Flames

CALGARY, AB -- As teammates, Blake Heynen and Joel Domansky tasted glory in sipping from the Finance Cup in 2010.

In 2011, Domansky drank alone while a dejected Heynen could do nothing but watch. A year later, he exacted his revenge, capturing the Cup without the help of Domansky.

This year, the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Group Hockey Championship is up for grabs, re-igniting the rivalry shared between the two.

"We've had our battles certainly on and off the ice," admitted Heynen, who shares an office with Domansky. "It's been well documented by people in the office here that whether it's here or on the ice, we like to go at each other and have some good battles. I try to make it tough on him."

Within earshot, Domansky quickly rebuffed the claim.

"I always like to square off against Blake," he said. "All year we get to play against each other. It's not very often he gets the upper hand on me, that's for sure. God willing, he tries."

Domansky has seen that effort all year while playing staff hockey opposite his office pal. He's taken the opportunity to scout Heynen throughout the year and is ready to exploit the weaknesses shown in the two-time champion.

"I don't know if its his poor skating ability or lack of hockey skills but there's certainly something that makes it funner to go to his side than anybody else," he said.

That's not say Domansky isn't without his flaws, either.

Heynen likened his fellow marketing coordinator's ability to play in tough games to that of Henrik and Daniel Sedin.

"You talk to guys around the office, the scouting report is that you get physical on him, he'll hide," Heynen said. "He doesn't like the physicality of Finance Cup. You look at the tape and the stats sheets, it just goes to show you he's like a Sedin. When the going gets tough, the points don't come, especially in the playoffs."

But in championship hockey, it's more about producing points.

The team that shows the most desire and character will prevail, which is why Domansky said he'd show no hesitation stepping in front of a howitzer from Heynen if it means victory can be had for his side.

"I'm going to have to put some shoulder pads on this year," he mocked. "We gave him a new stick about halfway through the season, got rid of that wooden SHER-WOOD or the plastic stick he used to use. His shot is really shaping up."

It's that kind of heart that could have Domansky capturing his third championship in four years and ended Heynen's brief run.

"If we're not on the same team this year, Blake will certainly be disappointed on Friday night," Domansky declared. "He'll need a few extra beverages to heal his pain, we'll put it that way."

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