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by GRAHAM DELAET @GrahamDeLaet /

Who's your favourite Flame?

That may be an absolute no-brainer for many people.

For others, it could be like asking which of your children you love more. How do you pick just one?

Perhaps it was a player from your childhood that helped you fall in love with the game and the team? Maybe someone you met over the years that had a lasting impact on you? Possibly the one you thought had the biggest impact on the franchise? Or perhaps, the player you most enjoyed watching on the ice? 

Either way, it's deeply personal.

Today, pro golfer Graham DeLaet talks about his Favourite Flame(s). For him, two different legends share the top rung of the podium.

Share your favourite players on Twitter using the hashtag #FavouritefFlame and tell us your story.


As a young kid, my dad always took me to Moose Jaw Warriors games. Theoren Fleury was the star. I was a big Theo fan.  

His rookie year in Calgary happened to be '89. As a seven-year-old kid watching my favourite player hoist the Stanley Cup made me an instant Flames fan.  

Fast forward 30-some years and I've been able to meet Theo and he was willing to be a celebrity at one of my charity golf tournaments. I even used a Calgary Flames yardage book cover on Tour with the number 14 on the back.



All that being said, my Favourite Flame is a tie between Theo and Lanny. Lanny's iconic brand is historic not only in Calgary but in the entire NHL. I've been lucky enough to meet Lanny on several occasions and he's one of the best people I've ever met. Ironically, he has told me on several occasions how much he cheers for me on the golf course.



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