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Moving forward with Feaster

by Torie Peterson / Calgary Flames

CALGARY, AB -- The Calgary Flames have removed "acting" off of Jay Feaster's title, officially naming him the General Manager of the organization.

"I have to tell you very honestly, the most exciting part for me of today is the fact I no longer have to answer the question 'When are they going to take that acting off of your title,'" Feaster chuckled at Monday's press conference, adding the move came just as planned.

The organization chose to follow the protocol set when former General Manager Darryl Sutter resigned and that the decision to implement Feaster in the role would come at the end of the season.

"From the standpoint of internally, it really did follow the script that Ken and I had talked about, going back to the end of December. But it is nice, it's nice to have it put behind us and move forward."

In addition to officially naming Feaster as the General Manager, the Flames also announced Craig Conroy has signed a multi-year deal to stay on as the special assistant to the General Manager. Conroy turned down a position as the head coach of Clarkson University's hockey team in order to stay in Calgary.


- Move forward with what he calls a "consensus-building" process: "We have some very, very good and talented people here. We have a lot of resources to draw on. I've always said that the most important word, the operative word of the title General Manager is not general but it's manager. That means that you need to involve those good people in the decision making process ... The way I view it is that it is a participatory democracy."

- Continue to help Craig Conroy develop in the world of hockey operations: "I can't tell you what a tremendous resource Craig has been to me since he joined us. He has been involved in every area of the hockey operations department, has jumped in and embraced any assignment we've given him. He's becoming an expert in our PUCKS software system and is doing great things for us there. I'm just excited by fact that he's going to be on-board with us here for a long time."

- Work on resigning key free agents with the priority being Alex Tanguay: "We've had conversations and we'll continue to (with Tanguay). We want to try and get a number of our potential UFA's signed."

- Hire an Assistant General Manager in charge of player personnel: "I've never tried to make any secret about what I'm not - I didn't play the game, I didn't coach the game - my first hire has always been the hockey person."

- Identify prospects that can be injected into the lineup within the next couple years: "We have our amateur scouts coming in. We'll have our meetings not to finalize our list but we'll come pretty close to having the final order of our list (of prospects) as we get ready for the combine coming up in June in Toronto and then heading into the draft in St. Paul."

- Redevelop an identity for the team: "We want to get back to that identity of being a very, very hard working team. A very difficult team to play against."

- Build a strong base of prospects: "This time period, as we head into the Entry Draft, is an opportunity to try and do that. Obviously the other opportunity to restock the shelves is during the free agency period. We will be active."

- Readjust the environment surrounding the team: "One of the most important things that you need to do when you're going through the grind of the season is that you need to always be thinking about and looking for the positive because they're there. Sometimes you get lost in the battles and the heat of the moment."

- Help in the hiring of the Flames new assistant coaches: "We are in the process right now, Brent actually is in the process, of identifying, interviewing and ultimately hiring a veteran assistant coach. We're also in the process of Brent evaluating goaltending coaches as well."

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