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Metro Mailbag: Sam Bennett

by Staff Writer / Calgary Flames

Metro News gave Calgary Flames fans the opportunity to submit a question to forward Sam Bennett. Here are the best submissions from Metro readers:

Scott from Calgary, AB - How picky are you with your sticks/curve and do you ever tinker with a different curve in the off season to improve shooting and passing?

I’m actually really picky with my sticks. I tried a new stick this summer and I didn’t like it. I think I’ve used the same stick for probably three years now. With my curve, I don’t think I’ve changed that since I was six years old. I don’t know if I’m ever going to change it, maybe someday day but as of now I’m going to stick to the same curve.

Aaron from Castlegar, BC - Hi Mr Bennett, I'd love to know what hockey players your looked up to as a kid and who is your favourite teammate.

Players I looked up to, guys like Jonathan Toews, Sidney Crosby. Watching them play for Team Canada and things like that it was really inspirational for me. They are probably two of my favourite players. As far as my favourite teammate goes, I don’t know if I can pick just one teammate, some guys might be insulted.

Sierra from Montreal, QC - If you can play any other sport professionally besides hockey, what would it be, and what kind of position would you play?

I think I’d play football, probably. And I’d probably be a receiver. I was pretty good in school and when I played with my buddies I had pretty good hands. I love playing that game and it’s probably the sport I’d play.

Lauren from Hazelton, BC - How old do you think you will you be when commentators finally start calling you just "Sam Bennett" instead of "# year old Sam Bennett?"

Hahaha. It might be a while. It would be pretty funny of they were still calling me 30-year-old Sam Bennett. We’ll see how long it lasts.

Sarah from Narnia - Are you a baseball fan? If so, what is your favourite MLB team?

I am a baseball fan and the Toronto Blue Jays are my favourite team. I’m from Toronto and I watched them a lot this summer. It was exciting. The whole city of Toronto was buzzing and it was definitely a lot of fun to see them go that far this year.

Amy from Alberta - How do you get ready before a game? Do you listen to music? Do you have a ritual?

I do pretty much the same thing. I think all the guys listen to music in the dressing room here. I always play a little bit of soccer with probably half the team. We play soccer before we warm up.

Kurtis from Calgary, AB - Which teammate on the Calgary Flames have you learned from the most?

I’d probably have to say either Mason Raymond or Matt Stajan. They are older guys that have sort of taken me under their wing. They’ve shown me a lot of little pointers here and there and it’s nice as a young guy to have those older veteran guys support you.

Trevor from Georgetown, DC - How do you spend your time away from the rink in Calgary?

Normally I’ll just hang out with some of the other young guys – Johnny [Gaudreau], [Sean] Monahan or [Markus] Granlund. We’ll play some Xbox or go out to eat – that kind of stuff.

Sheena from Calgary, AB - Seeing as you're fairly new to Calgary, where's your favorite place to grab a bite to eat while you're in town?

Favourite place is probably Vintage Steak House. I go there a lot before games. It’s a great spot.

Hayley from Cochrane, AB - Hi Sam, as a recent transplant to Canada, what piece of advice would you give to someone who is just learning how to skate?

Stick with it. It can be tough sometimes but if you stick with it eventually it’s going to get easier.

Christie from Cochrane, AB - Hi Sam. I wear number 93 just like you and I just wanted to ask you why you decided to wear that number? Thank you!

I’ve worn it for most of my hockey career. My dad got me into it when I was probably 12 or 13. I think he got me into it because his favourite player was Doug Gilmour. It’s my number now and I just like it.

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