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Metro Mailbag: Johnny Gaudreau

by Staff Writer / Calgary Flames

Metro News gave Calgary Flames fans the opportunity to submit a question to forward Johnny Gaudreau. Here are some of the submissions from Metro readers:

Leon from Calgary: What is your favourite goal you’ve ever scored?

My goal I scored in the national championships for Boston College, during my freshman year. We were winning 2-1 and I scored with two minutes left to make it 3-1. I think that was my favourite.

Antonio from Calgary: Why did you decide to wear number 13?

I was born on Friday the 13th.

Amanda from Calgary: What is your favourite type of pizza?

I like just plain pizza – light sauce and extra cheese.

Des from Ottawa: If you could take only three items with you to a deserted island, what would they be?

I’d bring Sean [Monahan], some kind of sports equipment, and a survival kit.

Alexandra from Calgary: If you had to pick, what is your favourite thing about playing in Calgary?

I think the fans, the way they support us. We didn’t have the greatest season this year and they showed great support throughout the whole year. I think that’s my favourite part about being in Calgary.

Alan from Red Deer: Have you ever been in a hockey fight?

I’ve never been in a hockey fight and I don’t think I ever will.

Paige from Calgary: Hey Johnny! Who is your favourite country artist and what is your favourite country song?

I like a lot of artists but I think my favourites are Kenny Chesney and Luke Bryan. My favourite song right now is Brett Eldredge’s new one, “Drunk On Your Love.”

Lawrence from Calgary: What is the hardest course you took at Boston College?

I took a business finance class and I think I had to drop it two weeks in because it was so difficult.

Anna from Toronto: What is the most embarrassing song on your iPod?

I don’t know, maybe an old Britney Spears song. I have no idea what embarrassing songs are on there because I don’t listen to them anymore.

Ashley from Calgary: If you were stuck on an island, which teammate would you not want to be stuck with?

Ferly! He’d joke around the whole time and would not be useful.

Sullivan from Edmonton: Baseball season is just kicking off so who are you rooting for to win the World Series?

I’m a big Philadelphia fan so I like the Eagles and the Phillies. Hopefully the Phillies can win the World Series.

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