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The City of Calgary wants your feedback!


As announced on Monday, The City of Calgary, Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation, the Calgary Stampede and CMLC have reached a conditional agreement on the possible construction of a new event centre to be located in the Rivers District in East Victoria Park.

The agreement is subject to a public consultation period and will go to City Council for a formal vote on July 30, 2019.

Citizens of Calgary have the ability to let their views be known on the creation of facilities that will serve as public gathering places for significant events, attract world-leading performing artists and serve as a new home for the Calgary Flames, Hitmen and Roughnecks for decades to come.

This is an important moment for the City of Calgary and all of its citizens. If you have an opinion on the proposed agreement, we encourage you to get engaged and express your opinion with all members of City Council. You may or may not be in support of the agreement and while, for the record, we would certainly appreciate if you are, it would be beneficial for council members to hear your view.

Council will vote next Tuesday July 30 so it is important to act as soon as possible. You can email City Council at: and

Please also send a copy to your Councillor:

Mayor - Nenshi -
Ward 1 - Ward Sutherland -
Ward 2 - Joe Magliocca -
Ward 3 - Jyoti Gondek -
Ward 4 - Sean Chu -
Ward 5 - George Chahal -
Ward 6 - Jeff Davison -
Ward 7 - Druh Farrell -
Ward 8 - Evan Woolley -
Ward 9 - Gian-Carlo Carra -
Ward 10 - Ray Jones -
Ward 11 - Jeromy Farkas -
Ward 12 - Shane Keating -
Ward 13 - Diane Colley-Urquhart -
Ward 14 - Peter Demong -

In addition, we also encourage you to participate in any on-line polling that you may observe.

More details on the event centre agreement can be found in the press release HERE.

Thank you,

Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation

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