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Flames Today: 18.11.10

by Torie Peterson / Calgary Flames
Regrouping and focusing on the task at hand

The Calgary Flames have lost seven of their last eight contests and while the team knows they need to a few more wins to get them back into the mix in the Western Conference, they're choosing to take the one-game-at-a-time mindset.

"I think for us, we've got to turn that frustration into desperation and motivation," Alex Tanguay said of their three-game losing skid. "That's what we're looking to do tomorrow night. We've got to find ways to get a better outcome. If we do get a better outcome, it's going to put a lot more smiles and winnings contagious. You win one, you might win the next five. We're just looking to win that one right now and we'll focus on tomorrow."

Tanguay's linemate, captain Jarome Iginla, said his squad needed to focus on the details.

"We've got to outcompete the other team and we've got to get a little bit more hungry and more consistent," said captain Jarome Iginla. "We've got to get our habits up. We'll start with one (win) and before you know, there's two and three. But we all know we need more effort than ever as far as getting ourselves going well.

"We don't point fingers at each other and we don't feel sorry for ourselves," he continued. "We've had stretches where we've have had great periods. We've had stretches where we've had really good games. But we know we need some consistency.

Veteran defenceman Robyn Regehr admitted it can be tough not to get caught up in the waves of negativity that have surrounded the team over the past couple of weeks but was confident the club could shrug it aside and concentrate on regrouping.

"The hard thing is that you're really getting bombarded from all sides. You read stuff that's going on, you're watching it on TV or anything like, you're always getting bombarded with anything, whether it's positive or negative. Usually, it's the negative side that's causing most of the headlines so you do see that.

"As a player and as a person, you have to deal with those things on a daily basis and still be able to come to the rink and go out, get focused and do your job the best  you can. That's something that is a challenge but it's something we've had to deal with, a lot of us, all throughout our careers."

He added that the team was trying to use any negativity thrown their way as inspiration.

"There's always been people that say 'You can't do this,' or 'You can't do that,' or 'You don't have that type of talent.' You have to go out and try to prove them wrong, prove that you can do it."

Awaiting a decision

Olli Jokinen was handed a five minute cross-checking major and a game misconduct in the Flames 3-1 loss to the Phoenix Coyotes on Wednesday night after hitting Wojtek Wolski in the face.

The centerman had a disciplinary hearing with the NHL on Thursday morning in regards to the hit and after practice, he was asked about the play that led to the call.

"I went there, tried to push him in his arm, hit his shoulder pad and the stick went high. I take responsibility for my stick action. If would have been a couple centimetres lower, I would have hit him in the arm."

Jokinen did reach out to Wolski after the game ended.

"I texted their trainer, just wanted to make sure he's okay. I told him I was sorry and I didn't mean to (hit him high). If you look at the replay over and over, you can see I wasn't going after his head ... he's fine. He played the game, I don't think he missed a shift."

When asked how the conference went, Jokinen said he didn't know what the verdict would be but did hope his lack of priors would help his cause.

"I haven't been suspended. I've played nearly 900 games in this league, I've played a couple hundred games internationally and I've never been suspended. I don't consider myself a dirty player. We've just got to wait and see.

"At the end of the day, it's Colin Campbell making decisions over there so we've just got to wait and see what's going to happen."

Out with the old, in with the new

The Flames newest members, defenceman Anton Babchuk and right winger Tom Kostopoulos, arrived in Calgary on Thursday afternoon and their new teammates had nothing but praise for the recent shift in personnal.

"It'll be nice to see them," said Tanguay. "I don't know Babchuk but I played with Kostopoulos in Montreal. He's a great guy, a great team guy, a hard working guy on the ice and a good addition to our lineup."

Iginla said that since the duo are coming from a club who have had similar struggles early in the season, it will easy for them to hop into the swing of things.

"We have to welcome the new guys as soon as they get here and it's right into the fire. They were in a pretty intense situation too, where their team wasn't off to a great start either. It's just right at it, right after it. As far as trades, they are part of it but we'll help get them as comfortable as we can as quickly as we can. Then we get after it. We need to start winning games and everybody in our room knows that."

Regehr views the newest additions as a way to help change the mood around the locker room and give the team a boost.

"It definitely changes the make-up of the team and the chemistry of the team, whether things are going well or they're not going well. It's going to change that somewhat. That's something we have to get used to as players ... For us, we all have the right attitude that way and we will try to use it as much to our advantage as we can."


"They're a tough test. They're the defending Stanley Cup Champions. But at the same time, they are beatable. You look at their record, they're a team that are ahead of us and are catchable with a few wins. We definitely respect them and respect their players but at the same time, we have to be confident and prepared to compete in all those second and third efforts. We can beat them." - Iginla on facing the Chicago Blackhawks on Friday night

"It's tough. Whitey and Suttsey were great guys and it's always tough to lose friends, teammates. But it's a business. It's unfortunate and I'm sure they'll do well and help their new team. We'll welcome the new guys with open arms and hopefully they bring winning with them tomorrow." - Tanguay on the trade between the Flames and Hurricanes
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