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Flames Today: 04.11.10

by Torie Peterson / Calgary Flames
Heading out on the road

After a disappointing end to their homestand, the Calgary Flames are heading out on a four-game road trip and while the players agreed they enjoy playing at the Scotiabank Saddledome, leaving will give them a chance to refocus on their game.

"We have to regroup. There's no other way we go about it," said Brendan Morrison. "We've now lost three in a row and that's concerning to us. We can't sit here and feel sorry for ourselves. We have to regroup and we've got to get on with it."

The Flames will take two divisional opponents in Minnesota and Colorado during their trip. Morrison noted the added significance of earning points against teams within the Northwest Division.

"You can put some distance in between yourselves or you can lose a lot of distance. These are important games. We've got to find ways to get points and if we can do it against teams in our division, it works out even better."

Captain Jarome Iginla agreed, adding that getting out of your own building gives teams a chance to relax.

"You want to be good in front of your fans, you want to be able to be on roll and win games and do well and sometimes, when you're not, you tend to put a little too much pressure on yourselves. You squeeze sticks and think too much and things don't happen.

"Sometimes it's good to change it up."

Head coach Brent Sutter said he liked the simplicity of being out of town.

"Everything is pretty laid out for you. You get to where you're going, you have a bite to eat, you go to bed, you get up in the morning and you prepare for your game. You don't have distractions. It's focused. You're only there for one reason and that's to play a game."

"You just focus on hockey and playing. There's nothing else to think about, be worried about or be concerned about but to play hockey."

While the team is heading out on a losing streak, Sutter said the team was going into their next game with a positive mindset.

"We're going to move forward here. It's not like we're 0-12-0. We're a .500 hockey team and we need to pick away, chip away at things. We'll get to where we need to but we've got to keep our focus and keep our mindset the right way. We'll stick together, stay together and get through this."

Igina agreed with that assessment.

"We've got to take that and move forward. We're staying positive in here. We believe we have a good team and we're going to have a good team. We're going to keep saying it but we're going to keep working at it."

Ready to scrap

After Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby dropped the gloves with Matt Niskanen on Wednesday, a lot of focus has been put upon star players who choose to fight.

Iginla has never been shy when it comes to fighting and Thursday morning, he was inundated with questions regarding making that decision during a game.

"I think it is part of hockey. Each guy plays a little bit different style and I think it's harder to go in and avoid fights than it is to just play the game hard. If people are hard on you or you're sticking up for a teammate or whatever, you need to earn your own space. Fighting is part of it.

"I may be biased," he smiled. "Sometimes, there is a time and a place. That's my belief."

Morrison said that while it is motivating to see a player of Iginla's stature step up to the plate, there is always some concern he'll be injured.

"A little bit, for sure you do. Especially when you see Crosby last night, both those guys are fighting with visors and it's pretty easy to break a hand or break a finger. Then you have a guy whose out for multiple weeks so you worry a bit."

That worry was shrugged off by Iginla.

"Injuries are part of it but they're part of the game. You just play hard and fortunately, I've been blessed not to have too many of those. It's not something you think about. It's a tough game, you just go and play as hard as you can."

He added that fighting is often a motivator for both teams.

"Fighting at any time, when you see your teammate get into one, is a boost. It's a tough thing to do, it's not easy.

"You see a guy with that intensity and that competitiveness, it definitely has a positive impact on your team and brings us your emotions - especially right after a fight, the next few shifts. It's intense."


"We've just got to focus on getting one win. We're at .500, we're not that many points behind but we've got to move up. We're not going to do it all in one day or one game." - Iginla on the team's menality right now.

"They've played hard in the last two and a half weeks. They've played some really good hockey. Your opponent is always tough. That's the truth, that's the reality. It doesn't matter who you're playing, it's always a tough opponent." - Sutter on how the team will be approaching the Minnesota Wild.

"Even though we didn't get a lot of shots on net last night and we gave up almost double the amount, it was a step in the direction as far as giving up good quality chances. We were right in the game until the end and if our power play can manufacture goal, we probably could have gotten a point out of the game - maybe two points. We can take some positives out of last night." - Morrison on how his team needed to look at the positives within loses.
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