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Fans Get Pumped at Get Red Zone

by Peter Zuurbier / Calgary Flames
The 'C of Red' is highly regarded as an imposing presence on any team who visits the Saddledome, but the crowd at the 'Scotiabank Get Red Zone' for the two hours leading up to Game 3 proved the 'C of Red' is also a 'Sea of Red.' For Monday's Game 3, thousands of fans gathered in front of the 'Dome Monday to get psyched for the most important game of the year. The 'Get Red Zone' will also be roaring for two hours on Wednesday before Game 4.

The 'Scotiabank Get Red Zone' features a ton of fun activities. Sugar Puss are performing live music, Flames alumni are signing autographs. There is a BBQ, beer gardens, as well as a family zone with a DJ, a dance team, photos, the Guns of the Golden West, and a Slap Shot cage.

The 'Sea of Red' in the 'Get Red Zone' contained Flames fans of all varieties who were basking in the atmosphere surrounding the crucial contest. Hector Kabrica was taking his father Ed to his first playoff game, marvelled at the atmosphere of the party. "They're so excited, everyone is so excited, and it’s everywhere. They just know, we're going to win," said Hector. Ed shared his son's confidence in the team, who ended up winning 4-2 to the delight of fans around the world. "They're going to beat them twice in here, and win down there... and take the cup up here," predicted Ed.

Brittney (11) and Tyler (9) Gerlock were a picture of family solidarity. Both sister and brother were in solid agreement that the score in Game 3 was going to be 5-0, and that Mike Cammalleri was their favourite player. Where they differed slightly was at the 'Get Red Zone,' where though Brittney preferred the autograph tent, Tyler liked the face-painting best.

Alecsander Wells is a 4 1/2 year old fan who came down to the 'Get Red Zone' with his mom to check out all of the excitement. He was very clear about his favourite part of the event, 'the hot girls,' as well as his favourite player, 'Jarome Iginla.'

Long time Flames fan Judy Smith was enjoying the sunshine, and brimming with confidence in her team leading up to Game 3. "We gotta go to the net a little more and give (the Blackhawks) a little... bump," was Judy's advice for the team, who did just that in the big win.
Jamil Jam Mohamed was impressed to see Flames' President Ken King haniging around the 'Get Red Zone' and talking hockey with the crowd. "We just saw Ken King, he's just walking around, shaking hands with everyone, getting around in the C of Red, where else can you find that," said Jamil, who enjoyed the energy outside of the 'Dome. "Everyone's excited, but they're a little nervous... I'm psyched, it's gonna be loud in there, it's gonna be like nothing else."

The 'Get Red Zone' even drew fans from rival teams. Though Vanessa Stuppard's favourite team is a Flames' divisional foe, she was impressed with the support the Flames receive. "The music the atmosphere to see people so excited, I'm actually a Canucks fan. It's nice to be a part of things, you see it on TV for so many years and to actually come and be in it, it's actually quite fantastic."

The colourful fans made a very strong showing, displaying their support for the Flames in an assortment of ways. Ryan Earl, a true die-hard, was painted in red from head to toe, through his beard, with only a pair of red-painted shorts. As he marched around cheering, Earl knew the crowd was going to have a positive effect on the team. "It's gonna be unreal. Fans, they've got the whole crowd, they've got nothing to worry about, just play the same game," said Earl.

Wednesday April 22, come on down to the 'Scotiabank Get Red Zone' beginning at 6:00, two hours before Game 4. Flames alumni in attendance signing autographs are Paul Kruse & Chris Lindberg, Sugar Puss will be rocking out in the beer gardens, and there will be lots of fun for Flames fans of all ages.
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