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Bouma, Hamilton stung by video reviews

The pair of forwards had their goals called back through video review on Tuesday night

by Aaron Vickers @AAVickers /

CALGARY, AB -- Freddie Hamilton didn't mince words. 

With one snipe to his name this season, Hamilton added a second with a short-side gem over the glove of Roberto Luongo to put the Calgary Flames up 5-2 on the Florida Panthers with 2:50 remaining in the second period.

It would've been his first since Nov. 30. 


Except linemate Matt Stajan entered the zone offside 27 seconds earlier to catch an outlet pass that sprung the veteran center on a partial breakaway.

"It does sting," Hamilton said.


 "I don't know how long it won't sting for.

"But it stings."

"When you don't score very often I think it hurts a little more than some guy who scores 20 a year. I guess it would hurt still … maybe not the same, it would still hurt … but when you don't get too many it stints a little bit more." 

Florida video coordinator Tommy Cruz suggested the Panthers challenge.

He suggested another at 12:12 of the third period when Lance Bouma gained the opposing blueline a split-second too early before taking a pass from Stajan and barreling in on Luongo to again put the Flames up 5-2.

No goal.


"I had an idea it wasn't going to be a goal at that time," Bouma said. "It's unfortunate. We played a pretty good game and had two goals disallowed. It's tough, but we've just got to keep playing that way. Rules are rules. It's just the way it goes. Just have to keep going the same way."

The sting is becoming familiar for Bouma.

The 25-year-old also had a goal called back against the Vancouver Canucks two Fridays ago. 

He's had as many goals called back as have counted this season. 

"I still count those, I told Boumy after," Giordano said. "I feel for the guy. I had one earlier in the year and it didn't feel too good. I told them after the game I still count them. I'll put them on my stat sheet, I guess, at home." 

"The support is good," Bouma countered. "Obviously those are tough ones to get against you. It's part of it. You can't really worry about it."

But Bouma knows the correct call was made.

Hamilton, too.

"It's the rule," he said. "Those were two right calls based on the rule. I don't know if I really like the rule if they're trying to create more offence in the league for the fans. That's the rule. They had to call it by it.

"Maybe take away the foot in the air.

"That's really hard to see. Maybe do the NFL touchdown and look down the line. 

"But it's the rule." 

Cruz did a number on making sure those were enforced.

Jamie Pringle, assistant coach in charge of video, is tasked to do the same for the Flames. 

He knew the two plays would be under some scrutiny. 

"I'm looking at the different blueline cameras we have and it was a close one," Pringle said. "That's as close as I've seen these challenges be … just a millimeter of a blade of when the puck crosses. 

"When they zoomed in they decided it was offside.

"Guys in my role, they're looking at that every time. Those two were as close as they get."

It's tough, Pringle said, when the calls go against you.

It's a relief when they're in your favor. 

And there's a strategy to employing the challenge.

"Your job here is you can't miss anything," Pringle said. "In tight games that can be the difference. Those two calls kept them in the game.

"It's the borderline ones early in games you've got to be careful on. Goalie interference ones are so subjective to different referees. If it's something that's real close, we really have to talk it through.

"If it's later, halfway through the third, and you feel comfortable, at the very least you get a little rest for your players. 

"Offside ones are pretty cut and dry. It's the goalie interference ones …"

That doesn't take the sting off Tuesday night, though.

Not for Bouma. 

Not for Hamilton.

"To be completely honest, those suck," Hamilton said. "You think you've scored and everyone's all happy and then you get it taken away. You'd almost rather it be called back right away. 

"Those were two nice goals by our line.

"It was pretty unfortunate. We don't score too often and we get two and they both get called back by centimeters.

"At least we got them, and played pretty well."

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