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BLOG: Thank you, Mr. Maher

by Aaron Vickers / Calgary Flames

CALGARY, AB -- There are many men that walk among us and so few legends.

Peter Maher is one of the few.

What qualifies the iconic voice of the Calgary Flames for 34 seasons of legendary status? The voice -- not of his, but of those that whisper, "That's Peter Maher," whenever he's in the vicinity.

Yes, his own voice places him in the few that are immediately recognizable when sound waves permeate the ear drum, whether it be with a "Yeah Baby!" or in adding another tick to a victory total.

It's also in the longevity of the only play-by-play voice the Flames have ever known, whether it be in The playoff runs that fell ever so short in 1986 or 2004 or perhaps in Lord Stanley's Cup run that didn't in 1989.

Maher has been there for each and all 3,162 games in between (including three seasons as the voice of the Toronto Maple Leafs yet discounting preseason and international exhibition calls); the consummate pro who never missed a date with his microphone.

But, more importantly, it is in his heart and soul that makes the man synonymous with the Flames himself, one with a passion that burns equally as hot yet gentle enough to pass on friendly hellos, words of encouragement or simply friendly banter about the game itself.

It is in these qualities, the ones above and the hundred more that will unlikely see text that make the hall-of-famer both timeless and irreplaceable.

Never forgotten, either, for he exits a legend, though humble as a man.

Thank you, Mr. Maher.

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