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A quiet trade deadline for the Flames

by Torie Peterson / Calgary Flames

CALGARY, AB -- Jay Feaster was a busy man on Tuesday morning but when he stepped up to the microphone at his afternoon press conference, the only news he had was that the team had re-signed winger Tim Jackman to a two-year extension.

The Flames general manager had been working the phones in the early hours of the day but by the time the 1:00 PM MST deadline rolled around, there simply wasn't any suitable trade options for the franchise to bite on.

"If the price had been right, if it had been something we were prepared to give up to get a player, to add to the group, we would have.

"At the end of the day, we felt that the prices that we had to do in some of the deals that we were in on, that we were not prepared to do it."

Many fans expressed dismay or shock that the team remained quiet on Tuesday after the deadline had passed but Feaster was firm in his stance of not mortgaging the future for rental players or getting rid of individuals who are key cogs in the organization.

"We worked it hard. We worked it right on through, right up until almost 1:00 our time. As we approach here, the last 20, 21 games ... we like this group. We believe that the answers are still in that room."

He also noted that some people may be under the wrong impression as to what other teams were offering the Flames.

"If people were throwing first-round picks at us, we would have been having different conversations."

The Flames preparation as they head into the stretch drive came earlier in the season. The team added several key components in recent months.

"I'd like to think the fans were pretty happy on Jan. 6 when we picked up Blair Jones. On Jan. 12, we picked up what I think is a glue guy here in terms of Mike Cammalleri. This day, it's so over-hyped that you lose track of the fact we acquired Comeau off waivers back in November. We have been doing things."

Calgary also has several players returning to action after being sidelined with lengthy injuries. Taking that into account, Feaster chose to walk away from any potential trades.

"When we say we need a top-nine forward and we have the ability to get a guy like David Moss coming back off IR, that's as good of a top-nine forward as we can think we're going to get in the market today and we didn't have to give up an asset to do it."

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