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A message for Henry

by Mike Board / Calgary Flames

Robyn Regehr couldn't resist.

The Saskatchewan native and longtime CFL Saskatchewan Roughrider football fan just had to take a shot at buddy Henry Burris, the Calgary Stampeder quarterback.

Regehr wore a furry Roughriders hat to practice at McMahon Stadium Saturday as the Flames prepared for the Heritage Classic. And he even wore it in the Stamps dressing room -- a gutsy call considering the rivalry between the Stamps and the Roughriders. It was all in good fun, of course.

"Henry started it all," said Regehr.
Robyn Regehr with his Saskatchewan Roughriders cap

A while back Burris was doing an interview on TSN and was asked which Flames players were big Stampeder fans.

"Well, the biggest has to be that Regehr guy," replied Burris.

"I took a lot of heat for that," said Regehr of the ongoing friendly battle.

While wearing the Roughrider cap -- Regehr actually skated out on the ice with the hat on for practice -- was one way to get back at Burris, Regehr may have something else up his sleeve.

"I may have to leave something in his locker," grinned Regehr.

A gopher, perhaps?

"Maybe," smiled Regehr.

That's not all Regehr had in his bag of tricks at McMahon.

He also had a piar of very special gloves, hand-made for him by a native band near La Ronge, Saskatchewan. He had attended a charity event near there and mentioned it on CBC's After Hours. A couple of weeks later the gloves, beaded with the Flaming C, arrived at his home.

Regehr wore them out to the ice but eventually gave them to head Coach Brent Sutter.

"I thought his hands might get a little cold," smiled Regehr.
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