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Subscription Access

How to view and access live and on-demand games using your NHL.TV™ account.


How to Login and Access NHL.TV

How to View NHL.TV on Web

How to View on Connected Devices and Mobile

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How to Login and Access NHL.TV

To view an NHL.TV™ live or on-demand game, a valid NHL.TV™ subscription is required. You can purchase a subscription at

If you already have an NHL.TV™ subscription, click on "Already a subscriber? Sign in Here"

Using your registered NHL.TV™ email address, you can sign in to to access a view of today's games. You can scroll by day using the arrows at the top of the page to access previous days games, or just select from Today's games.

All NHL.TV™ accounts use your registered email address as your login.

To verify your registered NHL.TV™ email address, please click the account profile icon in the top right of the homepage. This will launch your NHL® Account sign-in.

  • Sign in with either your NHL® user name or email address.
  • Enter your password.
  • Click "Sign In."
  • Verify your email-based username in your profile. Your NHL.TV™ email address and other personal information is available on this page.
  • If you make any changes to your personal information, make sure to click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page.

To reset your password, navigate to the top right of the homepage and click on the account profile icon. In the "NHL® Account Sign In" page, simply click "Forgot Password" to have a new one sent to your registered email address. Or click here.

To access NHL.TV using your NHL Center Ice subscription, please follow these steps:

  1. On "Sign In" with your credentials, or create an account by clicking "Create Account."
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click on "Select Your Pay TV Provider."
  4. Select your Pay TV provider from the drop down and click "Next."
  5. You will then be redirected to your Pay TV Provider's login page.
  6. Enter your registered Pay TV Provider login credentials.
  7. After signing in with your Pay TV Provider credentials, you should see a "Success!" message.
  8. Visit to view live or archived games.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email at or by phone at 800-559-2333 (US) or 1-585-736-3994 (International)

How to View NHL.TV on Web

System Requirements:

Active NHL.TV™ subscription (for full games and highlights).

Registered Account (for game recaps).

Supported Devices: Operating Systems: Mac OSX 10.11, OSX 10.10, OSX 10.9, OSX 10.8, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.

Browsers: Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari (We recommend the most current browser versions).

Software: The most recent versions of your Browser and Adobe Flash Player.

Bandwidth: Dedicated connection of 3000Kbps.

Territories: US, Worldwide.

For Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE Support in Canada, CLICK HERE

*Unavailable in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

On the NHL.TV™ Media Center page (, selecting the "Schedule" tab will open a list of today's games, accompanied by available game feed options. The current date will be displayed upon log in. Select the Left or Right arrows next to the date to navigate to the previous or next day. Select the calendar icon next to the date to open up the monthly calendar view, where you can navigate by month and select any specific day to view all scheduled games. You can also press the "Today" button below the monthly calendar to return to the current day's games.

From the Schedule page, to launch a game on NHL.TV™, select the desired video or audio feed to the right of the game. All available feeds will be listed. Launching a game will open the browser-based web media player.

When watching a live game in the NHL.TV™ video player, navigating your mouse over the video player will cause the video playback controls to appear. Use these playback controls to restart a game from the beginning, move forward or backwards in the feed by 10 seconds, or toggle between pausing and playing the game. You can also navigate through the game video by selecting a point on the clickable scrubbing bar at the bottom of the video player. If the Hide Scores option is turned "Off", you can navigate to specific game events by clicking the green dot indicators or period markers on the scrubbing bar.

At the top of the NHL.TV™ media player page is a schedule of all the selected day's games. Use the arrows to scroll through the day's games, and select a team name icon to launch the team's video feed when available. Clicking the Calendar icon above the day's score ticker at right will open up the monthly schedule view. Select any date to view the schedule of available games in the day's score ticker below. Once the desired game has been chosen and is playing, you can select the "Available Broadcasts" drop-down menu directly above the playing video at top right to choose any alternate video or audio feeds or alternate angles.

With NHL.TV™, it is easy to watch more than one Hockey game at the same time. Next to the scrubbing bar at the bottom of the video player is the "View" option, which lets you choose Single, Picture in Picture, Dual or Quad mosaic mode. Select one of these options to launch additional video viewers inside the media player. Click on any viewer to highlight it and make it the primary player. Use the game score ticker above the media player to select a game feed option to launch in any selected video viewer. Once the desired game has been chosen and is playing, you can select the "Available Broadcasts" drop-down menu directly above the playing video at top right to choose any alternate video or audio feeds or alternate angles.

Below the video player is where game statistics are located. The scoring summary box immediately beneath the video player lists team scores and goal information (scorer and time) and has a "Gamecenter" option that launches the matchup recap page. Below the scoring summary are the game's box score and a Stats and Plays column. Select Stats or Plays to view detailed game information, or view a team's box score by selecting the team name.

In the bottom right of the media player are additional video controls. Selecting "CC" will enabled closed captioning for a selected video. The volume slider adjusts video playback volume. Selecting the network strength bars will allow you to choose a playback quality rate of "High" "Medium" or "Low." Select the appropriate option based on your Network connection if bandwidth is an issue. The last button at bottom right enables full screen for the video player.

Additional video player settings are located by clicking the gear option at the top right of the media player page. In the "General" tab, you can choose to "Hide scores from all games" if you want to turn off game spoilers. You can also enable closed captioning from here as well. The "Team" tab will allow you to add or remove Favorite and Followed teams. Star your favorite teams, and add other teams you would like to follow, to personalize your NHL.TV™ experience.

Select the "Help" icon at the very top right of the Media Player page to launch the NHL.TV™ Support Center.

How to View on Connected Devices and Mobile

To view NHL.TV™ games on connected devices please view our Connected Device FAQ here.

To view NHL.TV™ games on mobile devices please view our Mobile Device FAQ here.

Additional Help

Can't find the answer? We are always here to help!

Twitter: @NHLTVSupport

Phone: 800-559-2333 (US) (International Customers please call 1-585-736-3994)


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