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What Would You Do With the Cup?

by Staff Writer / Anaheim Ducks

We asked Ducks fans what they would do if they had the Stanley Cup for a day, and we got plenty of responses.

UPDATE: Numerous emails came in after this page was posted. See the results below (posted in order of arrival):

First I would take it to the gym at 5 AM, then to Starbucks for some mocha’s. After a nice long shower with Lord Stanley’s Cup, we would take a ride to my office in Irvine for my co-workers to enjoy. Of course, I could not work and would return with Stanley to my home by noon for a Stanley Cup bash that would last all afternoon and well into the night. The early party would start with all of our kids, their roller hockey friends and school mates. Of course they would drink chocolate milk from it. By four the kids would be gone and the beer and champagne would flow from the Cup. As the night comes to a close, Stanley and I would enjoy an evening in bed.

Michael Battaglia
Orange CA


I would take it to Hawaii – not a big hockey place, but then the Cup (and myself) would have some relaxation on the beach with a mai tai! ALOHA!


Denise Jimenez




I would invite all of my fellow inaugural season ticket holders to Honda Center so we could skate the Cup around the ice raising it above our heads and passing it from one person to another. We have been in the seats from the beginning, and have stuck with the Ducks through many adventures. Of course we would spray champagne and drink beer from the Cup.


I would also invite all of the former Duck players to the celebration - maybe not all of them - but certainly everybody from the inaugural season and those who served the Ducks proudly throughout the years.


I would then drive the Cup around Orange County for everybody to see it and take it to the places I frequent most like my Church and favorite restaurants.


It sounds like I would just do the same things our current players are doing, but that the fans do not really get to do.


Greg Young

Ladera Ranch




I would start off at my first job, take it to Edison High School and show all the students and staff that I work in the special education department. I would let them look at it and have them take pictures with it; I would rub it in my friend Angel’s face that her Kings didn’t win it!


I would then take it to my next job, around 1 o'clock at the City Attorney’s office in Huntington Beach. I would tell everyone there that the Cup is in the building and let everyone look at it and take a picture with it. I would then take it home after work to pick up my parents and go to Disneyland; I would take it on Space Mountain, Small World and then Indiana Jones. To end the day at Disneyland I would hold it and watch the fireworks with it. Then take it home to play my NHL game on PS2, and take it to bed and cuddle with the Cup.






I will rent the Honda Center and get retired hockey players who did not get
to lift the Cup to play for the Lord Stanley Cup. I would sell tickets for $5
apiece and donate the money to charity.





My day with Lord Stanley's Cup would begin quite early. I would wake up, or at least try to wake up, around 5:00 am and eat a bowl of cereal out of the Cup. Then I would go for a run. The last 50 meters or so I would try running with the Cup as sort of a victory lap. I would be most likely scheduled to work but would call in and tell them I have a date with Stanley that I cannot miss!


I would then take it over to my friend's house who's young infant son is battling some serious things right now, but he's doing great! We would hang out there with his family. After that some friends and I would head up to this park in Foothill Ranch with a little hockey rink and play some hockey. Whichever team wins would get to lift the Cup. Then I would drive down to San Onofre with my girlfriend Lindsay and some friends. I'd take the Cup on my surfboard and try to catch a wave. It would be sweet to hold it up while riding a wave in! After that all my family, my girlfriend, my friends, and I would head back to my house and BBQ the night away with Lord Stanley being the guest of honor. I would let my dad have the Cup for that evening to do what he wanted. He is the one who ignited my interest in hockey and the Ducks!!!


Justin Young

Lake Forest




I think a brief visit to Fairhaven Park to visit some of my family and friends. I would need to have the Cup this Wednesday because I would load it up with fireworks and let it be the “behemoth fountain”. That would be a great Independence Day, eh? From there load it with charcoal and cook my dogs! Finally I would invite over Mathieu Schneider and ask him where he is renting so we’ll know where to deliver it next summer.


Brett Dunstan

Fountain Valley




I'd start off the day by drinking Starbucks (iced peppermint mocha) out of the Cup, and taking a gazillion photos of everything. In the morning, I'd hit the beach with my cousins and roommate, then run it over to my cousin's water polo game (where I'd introduce it to my brother, who still rolls his eyes whenever I talk hockey).


After that, I'd host a huge rally at my workplace/school so all the students, parents, teachers, staff and alumni can come out and party with it. I'd take it to the library by my house and my 7-year-old nephew's school for show and tell. I'd probably read a little story aloud too (hockey-related, of course) to promote literacy. After hanging out with friends and family, I'd take all my hockey crew to Geisha House in Hollywood for a night on the town hopping from one hotspot to the next, drinking out of it and having a blast.


Christy Finn (aka Girl With a Puck)





I would give all of the season ticket holders a chance to see the Cup up close and have their picture taken with it. I have supported the Ducks from the start and yet unless the Cup goes on the Ducks Fan Cruise I won't get to see it up close.


Diane and Kristi




I would start by sharing the CUP with family and friends. I would take pictures of my 6-month-old grandson Tyler inside the Cup and 3-year-old granddaughter Cheyenne trying to fit into the Cup (since she is a huge Ducks fan she would try until she was successful!). 


Then I would visit CHOC and Orangewood Children's Home. I would then stop by our world famous beaches in Huntington Beach and at Ruby's on the Pier for all the fans and for photos. Then I would have pictures taken of the Cup in front of the Staples Center (since this is about how close the King fans will ever get to the Stanley Cup), and finally arrive for dinner at Mario's on Beach Blvd. in Huntington Beach for some great food and endless Cupfulls of margaritas with family, friends and fans of the Ducks … and loads and loads of pictures!


Jean Gilbert





I am a huge Sharks fan. BUT, I'm also a huge Ducks fan, and have been for years. If I had the chance to have 24 hours with the Cup I would let it be known with the media that I would have the Cup here in San Jose, and arrange to allow fans to view it. When fans arrive, they would see me there proudly wearing my Ducks Selanne jersey. I am one of few fans here in SJ that were rooting for him and the Ducks!


Stacey H.

San Jose




First I would take it to my home town of Westminster and take to all the rinks I've played at. Then I'd take it to Vegas and drink my first beers with it. Then at the end of the night I would sleep with the Cup at the end of my bed so when I wake up it will be the first thing I see in the morning.






If I had to spend one day with the Stanley Cup, I would sleep all day previous so I could actually spend 24 hours celebrating. I would get all the Ducks fans from Hockey's Future and have a giant party. But since not everyone is from California, I would use the influence of the Cup to fly in those from other countries and states. I would also dedicate the party to braincramp.


Viendi Hoang

Van Nuys




With the Cup in one arm, and the other free, I'd ask Ryan Getzlaf to marry me.


Katie Manthey





At the start of the 06-07 Season, my mother enrolled my best friend and myself to transform her junior high classroom into a unique and fun place for her students to learn. Growing up as a Southern California hockey fan, I have watched the Ducks since the inaugural '93 season. My parents had season seats and even attended the first game ever played at the Pond. Now, years later, I have followed the team and grown into a die-hard fan. When my mom asked for help decorating her classroom, my best friend and I quickly came up with a great idea....A Duck and hockey themed classroom!


We got on the ball and came up with many great ideas. She has an active calendar with every game and the result of the game, autographed (and made by us) mini jerseys with every active player on the team. She also tries to tie hockey into the subject (Math and Science) in daily lessons. Many kids have never been exposed to hockey in our community and this has gotten many of them interested as they now will watch games and follow the sport and team.


SO, if I had a day with the Cup I would definitely make a stop by the school and classroom. A visit from Stanley would amaze and shock them considered the fact that the autographed jerseys and pictures with players already do.


After a visit to the school with the kids, I would head down to the beach. There is nothing more relaxing, plus it is the perfect picture op at Sunset. Then a little bit of partying into the night. C'mon now, it's Stanley! How can you pass an opportunity to party with him? :-)


Jess McGhee




Apart from bringing the Cup home to show to my family and friends, I would take it to my local skating rink when some of the younger players might be playing or practicing, and throw together a game to play for the rights to skate with the Cup on the ice. At night, I would take it to a metal concert, and let the Cup crowd-surf around.

Brad Kalmanson




The question is, what wouldn’t I do with the Cup?! I would eat a bowl of cereal out of it for breakfast. Then I would visit my work and show the Kings fans what its like to win something so precious. Then I would take it for a ride to see my dad and let him take a drink of whatever he wants out if it. After that, take it to my mom and sister so they could do the same. To finish my day with it, I would take a long nap with it by my side. I wake up to a huge party with my family and enjoy it with my wife and son! (Can’t forget to take a drink or two out of it for myself!)


Matt Williamson





I would eat my cereal from it in the morning, then eat salad for lunch, put some pasta inside for supper and finally drink some beer from it the rest of the night!




Profiter de la coupe en californie!




I would take it on one of those zero gravity flights.

Paul Ottaviano
Seal Beach




If I had a day with Stanley I would take him everywhere. I’d take him to the beach, to the pool, and show him off to all my friends and family. I’d take hundreds of pictures with Stanley, take him to Sea World, to a baseball game, and just hang out with Stanley. That would be the best day ever.


Carlos Ortega




I would fly to Denver, go meet with Phillip Anschutz in his suite at the Pepsi Center (why he has a luxury box and attends more Avalanche games than Kings games is ludicrous) and politely say to him that as long as he is the owner of the L.A. Kings he will never see this trophy again.





I would take it to my church and have everyone receive communion out of it

Joseph A. Martinez III



I’d take it up to the Canadian border and let them look at it, but I wouldn’t take it over the line because the Cup belongs on U.S. soil.


Josh Aden

Costa Mesa




I would take it to the Shriner’s Hospital for Children, which is about five miles from my house. Next it would be off to the Pavilion Ice Rink and a party would be thrown for the youth hockey teams. They would be thrilled to get their picture made with the Cup. After sharing it with everyone, Stanley would go home and sleep with me and my dogs.


Who could ask for anything more?



Greenville, SC




I would first take the Cup to the obligatory show-off afternoon at my son’s roller hockey team.

After that, it is grown up time! I would end up at the local Irish pub here with 50 of my nearest and dearest friends as we sing really badly! And of course we will hire a tattoo artist to tattoo its likeness along with the Ducks logo on me to remember this year! (I will be doing that anyway!) Oh, and of course send a picture all of us with the Cup to my cousin who is an unfortunate Wings fan, just to rub it in!


Vicki Hynd

Chino Hills




I'd try to get my name engraved on it! Right between Teemu and Sammy's name.


Jill Schwahn

Ontario, CA





I would take it to a Ducks game!


Matt Nipper





I would just lay on the couch all day with the Cup and cuddle.

Brad Hamacher




I would take the Cup to Hawaii, drive to the top of Haleakala Crater on Maui and watch the Sunrise with Lord Stanley's Cup sitting next to me, thanking those who were listening to my victory request while I was there visiting family. I would also bring it to the hockey bar Legends in Waikiki on the island of Oahu, so many can see that hockey truly can exist in a warm climate.


My family still wonders how I became a hockey fan. I guess some mysteries are better left unsolved.


Shellymarie C. Lucas





Although I would love to spend the day with the Cup it wouldn’t be complete without the players who brought it to California. I would probably want to hang out down on the beach with my family, and watch the sunset. This would also consist of a bonfire and roasting marshmallows. But, like I said it would only mean something if some of the players were there. Preferably the young single ones. I do have a beautiful 22-year-old daughter I have to look after. She loves Chris Kunitz and Ryan Getzlaf. I am just so thrilled to be a fan of such a great team that truly deserved to win the Stanley Cup, and hope to repeat next year.


Melissa R

Villa Park




I would bring the Cup to my recreation inline hockey league rink and set up a tournament for the ultimate hockey prize. Afterwards, all players would get a chance to sip beer out of it.

Santee, California



I would invite my in-laws over and serve my father-in-law's favorite food, popcorn, in the Cup.

They are huge Kings fans and it would be great to see him eat his favorite food out of OUR Cup. It would be sweet since he has often referred to us as the Sucks instead of Ducks.


David "Fan since '93" Hildebrandt





I would take the Cup to Iraq and share it with all of our troops who have not been able to see any hockey while they have been serving our country. I would like to make other stops along the way, like a USO tour to share it with as many of our military people as possible. Then on the way home, I would stop at the home of Brett Hull, put the Cup on his doorstep with a sign in the Cup that read "How Terrible Are We Now?"

Bill Noyes

Anaheim Hills




If I had the Cup I would bring it over to my best friend’s house because she is the one that got me into hockey, then I would show it off to all the people who said the Ducks were going to lose, then I would let all my friends take pics with it, then I would have a really big party with it.


Lauren Cathcart





I would take it to my nephew’s hockey rink and let them play for the Cup! Use it for a inspirational tool, that someday they may hoist the Cup in victory! Then I would probably take it on my Ranger Bass Boat and go fishing with Stanley!


Dave Schreck




I’d fly all my Canadian friends down to Southern California, so they could see the Cup up close and remember what it looks like. Then we’d take it up to Big Bear, or to the highest point we possibly could in Southern California – just for the symbolism. Then I’d go to Bev Mo, buy some of my favorite micro brew (Rogue Hazelnut Brown), and have a bonfire at the beach for all the fans, serving beer out of the Cup.


Alyssa Bradac

Garden Grove




I would take the Cup to the happiest place on Earth! DISNEYLAND! And totally parade it around and have my picture taken with it and Mickey…and… and… and… well one thing for sure… the Cup would be totally worn out by the end of the day!


Walter F




I would first send it to Cota de Caza so Teemu can see it again. Hopefully, he will fall asleep and dream of see his name on the Cup for a second time.


Then, off to Cranbrook to the Niedermayer's house for dinner. I realize that it has make many trips there but maybe, hopefully, the Niedermayer's may realize that it is not just about winning but remember how great it is that you are about to make over 6 million dollars to play a game.


Than, I'd take it dinner with my friends for a big steak and a bottle of Petrus in Laguna Beach!


Brian Solo




I would parade through the streets of Calgary yelling WE WON!! Then I would call up all the people who said DUCKS SUCK and say I have proof that DUCKS RULE!


Then just to be mean I might wander over to see how the Calgary Flames and all their fans are doing.



Calgary, Alberta




I would bring it to the Big A, and show it to Arte Moreno and Bill Stoneman, in the hopes that some of Brian Burke's genius and determination would rub off on them.


Diego Escutia

Aliso Viejo




If I had the Cup for a day, I would parade it around all the ice rinks and arenas in the country. This being the UK, it’s a rare chance to see such a thing of beauty, that means so much to so many millions of people, it’d be nice to share it with as many people as possible, and let them all take the pictures of and with it. (Unfortunately I can't see it if the Ducks bring it to the O2 when they play the Kings next season as I couldn't get tickets, so that’s my reason for sharing it.)


I’d also love to stage my own little tournament for Uni teams around the UK to take part in, to try and win, in which the prize would be to see what it is like to lift and parade the trophy, and give them some small insight into it.


Joe Pollard

Otley near Leeds

United Kingdom




For the first half of the day I would take it out and share it with as many fans as possible. I would want as many people as possible to see how special the Cup is. After that I would just sit in solitude with the Cup savoring the history and reading the names of all those who accomplished so much.


Scott Krause

Green Lake, WI 




I live in Orange County near Mission Viejo. There many young and excited Ducks fans down here. I would wait until school starts and bring the Cup to Las Flores Elementary on the first day of school. These kids (& parents) would go absolutely crazy to have the Cup show up at our school.


Rose Putnam




I would choose to take it to our golf tournament. The Ducks organization has been so supportive of my family and our daughter who suffers from a rare genetic disorder called Rett Syndrome. She can not talk, use her hands, and has seizures daily, but she knows her Ducks. Thanks to The Ducks, we were able to be at the Cup-clinching game!


I would take the Cup to our golf tournament to raise money to get my daughter cured. After taking her picture in the Cup, I would have everyone put their check for Rett Syndrome Research in the Cup and take another picture of her sitting on top of all the money going to help her and thousands of others! Thanks again Ducks and particularly Jess Tyler for all you have done for us!


The Barnard Family




I would xoxo a lot.But I'll be in the NHL when I'm older


JoAnna Ross




I would take The Cup to the high school in Anaheim where I work to share with my special education students. I’d take my jersey and let the kids wear it and take their pictures with the Cup (I made fans out of several of them over this season). In the evening, I would have all my friends from my P.E.O. women’s group to dinner so they can see for themselves why I’ve missed so many meetings to go to the hockey games! I would do all this with my favorite player and hockey-god, Scott Niedermayer, by my side.


Stacey G.





We would take the Cup and visit Paul Kariya.


Brandon & Kimi Wislocki





My Day:


9:00am: I’d first let my friend Darren borrow it for about 3 minutes. He’s a Kings fan.

9:03am: Bring it back into the office where all employees can share a moment with it.

10:00am: Bring it home where my kids can share the moment. My daughter attended 35 games. She’s earned it.

12 noon: I’d let Opa swim with it in his pool, while Oma makes her awesome Mexican and German food. Bring the 50 SPF!

4:00pm: Then we are off to the Phillips residence. He and I were there for the championship game. Peter would love to hold it.

5:00pm: After a long day, take a shower with it.

6:00pm: Pick up Curt (he was at the game too and a Kings fan, but slowly coming back to the Force) and drive to Staples Center.

9:00pm: Party at my house with the Cup! Geoff and Tanya are invited.

1:00am: Put a Selanne photo on the Cup and have my friend Vicky spend the rest of the night with it!

8:00am: Pick up the Cup from Vicky’s.

8:30am: Say my goodbyes.

9:00am: Reluctantly giving it back to The Keeper, but the last 24 hours have been the most precious.


Mike A.

Aliso Viejo




Our 2006 Family Christmas Card last year had a picture of my 9 year old and 14 year old sons in their Ducks jerseys standing in front of the Honda Center on the cover. The inside of our card read "Best Wishes for a warm and blessed Christmas and a Stanley Cup in the New Year for our Anaheim Ducks"


Since our dream and last year's card came true, my day with the Cup would be to take our family photo with the Cup for our 2007 Holiday Card and hope for a REPEAT in 2008.


Then we would visit local ice rinks to promote youth hockey in our area.


Laura Vieyra

West Covina




I would eat drink soda out of it, watch movies, and take it to Canada and mock every Canada team by not letting them touch it. Ha!






I would drive to San Jose, so San Jose can see what they hoped to win, and which they didn't!! It was the Ducks all the way. Then I would take it for a drive around Orange County.



La Habra




I would like to take the Stanley Cup to the Anime Expo convention on the 4th of July weekend in Long Beach (next year is either Anaheim or LA).


Everybody will be surprised at the legendary trophy in sport, and they will take pictures with it (even the Guests of Honor).


Tim Pena

Rowland Heights




My five-year-old just started playing hockey at our local ice rink so we were talking at dinner last night about what he would do with the Cup if he won it some day. After some discussion, it was decided that he would want to share it with his uncle who introduced him to hockey when he was two. Then he wanted to have mom (that's me) make her special spaghetti and meatballs to eat out of the Cup. Finally, the Cup would be filled with a giant ice cream sundae! Yummy!



Yorba Linda




I'd have a BBQ at my house and invite all of the fans from around my season seats. We have a great time at all of the games and I would love to share the Cup with them. After 4 or 5 years together many of us have become good friends and truly enjoy seeing each other at the games. When we won the Cup we were all hugging, crying and high-fiving each other. That is how I would share the Cup for a day....


Scott Genovese




I would take it back to my home city - Minsk, Belarus (Since Salei is not on the team and can't do it). I'd take it to my school and have a reunion with all of my high school friends (I haven't heard from some of them in over 7 years). And then I would take it to one of the lakes that my family had camped at every year since I was 5, traveling down a memory lane.

Oh yeah, and I would drink my favorite non-alcoholic beverage out of it - mineral water "Minsk-4". There is nothing like it... then may be some nice red wine

Northbrook, IL (originally from Minsk, Belarus)




I'd like to take the Stanley Cup to all ice rinks in Southern California areas, especially Los Angeles and Orange County, to show it to young kids, incite them to get into playing ice hockey and help promote this great game.


Garden Grove




I would bring it to my junior hockey roots back to Brooklyn, New York. (Prospect Park Outdoor Rink) & Abe Stark Rink (Coney Island).


Steve Friedman




I would take it to Anteater Stadium at UCI, knock the soccer ball around with it then take it to my best friend Joel's place where we would party with it and then ship it off to Korea so my girlfriend can take some pictures with it. Now those would be some beautiful pictures.


David Sias

Huntington Beach




First, I would take it over to my parents’ house so that they could actually see and touch "what all the fuss is about." Then, I would take it to Disneyland and California Adventure and ride Tower of Terror with it and the Haunted Mansion and some of my other favorite rides. Then, it would be the centerpiece at the dinner table and be filled with English Trifle, and my daughter’s Girl Scout Troop #2019 would be there to help eat it out of the bowl of the Cup! We would finish the day with a big bonfire at the beach, making S'mores and celebrating our wonderful Anaheim Ducks Team! God Bless Our Ducks!!


Joyce Topping




I would eat a Giant bowl of Cocoa Puffs first to start my day. Than I would take it to the beach, maybe go play some poker, than go out to eat (I hope it’s not hungry).


And to end the day I’ll go swimming


Donald Spencer




I would take the Cup to work with me and show it off because I get teased all season long for being such a huge hockey fan. I bragged about how the Ducks would win it all this year and they always laughed at me and told me I was crazy! Crazy maybe but who wouldn't go crazy? The Ducks got the CUP!



Huntington Beach




I would take the Cup over to the Kings' training camp and show them what it looks like up close; since they've only seen it on TV. Then I would take it to CBS (in LA) and make Jim Hill read Giguere's name over and over until he says it CORRECTLY. Next, I would invite Brett Hull over to my house so that he can watch the TiVoed broadcast of him saying the Ducks were "terrible" (puck handling, possession, etc.) while I sip from the Cup.  Of course, I would have photos taken of my family and friends (Wally, Sandy, Alyce, Fred) with the Cup. Then I would put on my jammies and go to sleep with the Cup next to me until it was time for the Keeper of the Cup to take it away. 


LeeAnn Draggoo



I would take it by a local hospital to show to some of the patients, especially the youngsters.

Afterwards, I would host a BBQ for family and friends to enjoy the Cup with me.

It has always been a dream of mine to one day hoist the Cup over my head, what a rush it would be to not only actually do so but to share it with so many others who would enjoy themselves as much as I would.

Will Carson


Original Postings

I would take it to Yellowstone Park (I live an hour from it). I would show it to some grizzly bears, moose, bison and possibly a tourist or three. I would take a dip with it in the “Boiling River” and then drink some Milk Tea Boba out of it (yeah, yeah, I live in Wyoming but I’m originally from the OC… I am a confused individual) and then take it home with me so that my infant daughter Madeleine can take a nap in it!


Ashley Windsor Carter

Powell, WY




I would send the Cup over to the L A Kings so they can see what they have been shooting for for the last 40 or so years.






First and Foremost I would have to make sure my friend Flat Stanley had several photo opportunities with Lord Stanley. If I could just have Flat Stanley have some quality time with Lord Stanley, my day would be complete and my nephew would be thrilled. Beyond that I would take Lord Stanley to Starbucks and drink my daily Iced Coffee from the cup. I’d then take him to the hospital where I work and take him around to the different units to bring a little cheer to the sick patients. Next it would be on to an event at the American Heart Association, where I could have Lord Stanley help me raise funds and awareness about heart disease and stroke. Finally, I’d take him out with the girls for a fun night in the OC with a bunch of gorgeous women.


Nichole Smith 




I would stage the cup so the fans could see it up close. Not very many of fans will be able to go to the NHL Hall of Fame.

Mary Jane Dymus



I would take the Cup to CHOC and visit the kids I visited when we helped raise $18K this year for them selling the WWKC kits.


I would then have a huge party at night for all my friends, fill it to the brim with margaritas and salt the rim of the cup.


John Zaleski

Mission Viejo




I would take it to all hospitals in the area. I would also take it to the City Of Hope where Milos Holen (hope I spelled it right) was. Those are the fans that can't get to the games, but live to watch them on TV. I would drink the world’s largest chocolate milkshake out of the Cup.


Teri DeMarzo

Costa Mesa




I would share the Cup with my partners in hockey crime – my dad and my best friend. Then I’d share it with my other two friends who are big hockey fans, one of whom lost the friendly wager we made on the Ducks/Devils game back in November. He’s from New Jersey.


Then I would probably use some of my contacts at California Speedway in Fontana and take the Stanley Cup for a ride around the track in a race car.  Mix my two favorite sports together – NASCAR and Hockey.  I would have to drink some Code Red Mountain Dew from it. Then to top off the end of my day with the Cup, I’d go get my picture taken with it wearing a Ducks jersey. 


Erica Blank





I would take the Cup to Las Vegas and take a picture with it in front of the "Welcome to Vegas" sign and the Strip. Gamble with it for a while, take it to all the bars and clubs. With that thing at my side I wouldn't be paying for any drinks or standing in any line to get into a place. It's all VIP treatment from there.



Rancho Cucamonga




My seven-year-old says he would take it to Chuck E. Cheese with all his buddies and they would drink all the soda they want out of it. 



Hartford, Conn.




I would spend my day with the Cup trying to extract Chris Pronger's DNA from it for my own mad scientist cloning experiment. I'd don my Home Depot safety glasses and my Playtex living gloves, and I'd systematically dust, lift, and swab that entire piece of hockey history from top to bottom for that one little iota of saliva needed to create Chris Pronger numéro deux. Hopefully, I wouldn't end up with Sean O'Donnell's dog's DNA instead, or worse, a combo of the two. 



Garden Grove




I would take the cup to an all-you-can-eat Mexican food buffet in the morning, and have a big party with my family and friends, and all my Hispanic family would be like, "que es eso hockey?" Then I would drink Pepto Bismol from the cup because let's face it, after a whole day of Mexican food, you'd need a whole Stanley Cup’s worth of Pepto. . .


Mike Hernandez



P.S. I would actually probably have a huge party like anyone else would and drink alcohol of all sorts out of it like everyone else would. I’m cliché, I know, but I don't think they would let me take it to TJ and party with it!




My day with the cup would be turning it over to my daughter, Jesse Tyler, and all the Ducks employees who worked so hard to make this a successful year for the Anaheim Duck organization. 


Jo Tyler




My day with the Cup would start out with the Portland Pirates fans (Ducks AHL team) all getting a chance to have pictures with it, since we provided a lot of great talent to the Ducks this season. Then since it has already been to the Pacific Ocean and Newport Beach, I think I would like to take it to the Atlantic Ocean and Old Orchard Beach here in Maine. I then would have a big party for all the season ticket holders in section K from the Pirates games, so that they all can drink what ever they would like out of it. (Not just champagne or beer. We have too many kids in our section)


Kathy Hooper

Portland. Maine




I would take the Stanley Cup to every possible rink in Los Angeles and Orange County for young hockey players to see and experience, to help inspire them and promote hockey to kids in the South Bay area.


Wendy Walker

San Pedro




I would take it out on our SAN 210 wakeboard boat on Canyon Lake and wakeboard w/ it. I would have all our friends out with us so they could see and touch the Cup. Most likely we would drink beer out of it, as I don’t think we could shoot lemon drops out of it.


Cindy Frew

Canyon Lake




I would take it to Ixtapa/Zihua, Mexico, since most, if not all, people in Mexico don't know what hockey is! I would show it to everybody and anybody. And what else would you drink if you're in Mexico......margaritas!


Imagine the Cup full of Margarita, laying by beach and watching the sunset with me. Perfection!


Ricky Herrera




I have worked part time for the Honda Center for 9 years in the parking department and we have lots of time to blab about things like this.


I would take the PPG (Penner, Perry and Getzlaf) line to this bar in Fullerton called Heroes, then we would go to a Dave Matthews Band concert (my favorite band) and hoist the Cup up during the show during random songs.


What a day that would be!


Amanda Stogner





Take it to church and place it on the altar.







I would like to spend the day with the Stanley Cup by going ice skating at Honda Center with all the players. The Cup would sit at center ice. Then at the end of the day, go out for a nice dinner with the players and their families. There are two different beverages I would drink out of the Cup – Labatt’s Beer or Raspberry Ice Tea.


Heidi Livermore

Omaha, Neb.




I would try to get myself on and at as many talk shows, news segments or other sporting events, throw the first pitch in a ballgame on the other side of the country, visit a city without any hockey like Idaho, and just get hockey as much publicity/PR/marketing/advertising AS POSSIBLE.  And I would talk about where hockey's headed, how it's not just a rich Caucasian man's sport in Canada. I’d discuss the minorities who do play in hockey. 


It would be CNBC around 5 a.m., the Today Show, Fox News Channel with Geraldo, Charlie Rose, Larry King, Regis & Kelly, The View, Oprah (though that's in Chicago), Letterman, (Leno would be in CA), Conan, ESPN. Let people take photos with the Cup. Go stand at Rockefeller Center with the thing! Get it on the TV in Times Square!


Rakhee Kulkarni




A little background first. My mother, sister, brother, my brother’s girlfriend and I all got the 10-game pack together this past season and went to as many other home games as possible. We also went to every home playoff game and got together to watch all of the away games. The five of us really bonded over the Ducks this past season and although I have always been really close to my family, it was the perfect opportunity to get to know (and love) my brother’s girlfriend. 


The reason I am bringing this up is that my brother and his girlfriend just got engaged in Italy and for my day with the Cup I would bring it as my date to their wedding. At the wedding reception I would fill the Cup with the best champagne and let everyone drink a toast to them. The Cup would be in as many wedding pictures as they wanted and it would head the conga line (bunny hop?) on the dance floor. After the reception, when they have left for their honeymoon, I would take it home and eat potato chips out of it while watching movies with the rest of my family. 


Penny Long

Laguna Beach




My day with the cup would include a ride to work in my new Honda Accord with the moon roof open. Once I arrive at work I will invite all the macho men in my department to come join me and the Cup for a cup of coffee. The Cup and I will enjoy the spectacular attention and try desperately to keep our heads about us. The Cup will spend a day in my office as he sees how hard I work all day; he knows how dedicated I am to my job and understands that I have the same dedication to the Ducks. 


One very special friend of mine will be invited to dine with us for lunch; Doug, one of the managers, is a die-hard Kings fan. Over the past year he has never let a moment pass to give me a hard time when our team may have been struggling, and when they were succeeding stating “they got lucky again.” I know that he will enjoy the time with the Cup as he searches all over to find the notation of the Kings’ names somewhere. Alas, he will not succeed.


The day will end with a lovely dinner at a local restaurant with family, John and Leanne, to say “so long” but not “goodbye” to the cherished Stanley, as we will no doubt be seeing each other again in the very near future.


Vickie Greswit





This year I am turning 40 and I would love to be able to just spend the entire day with it. I haven't been dealing with hitting this milestone too well, and I would love to have it around to help cheer me up. 


Paula Ayala

Garden Grove




First of all, it would be wonderful to place it in the back of the Honda Ridgeline that my family won this season at Fan Appreciation Day, and just take a picture of that! How cool to win both things in the same season!  Although the winning of the truck is a long story in itself, and has caused its own drama.


Last but not least, I would like to take the Cup to a cemetery in Riverside, where a good friend of mine was buried earlier this year. He'd only gone to a couple of hockey games, but really enjoyed them. If given more time I think he may have loved going to more games and would have been a bigger fan. Unfortunately, he was not given that opportunity as his life was cut way too short. So he missed seeing the Cup.



Anaheim (Home of the Champions)




I would bring it everywhere in South Portland that I like. I would bring it by my work, by my high school. Then I would have a cookout with all my friends so they could see it. After that, I would rent a convertible and drive with it in the passenger seat to Conway, New Hampshire. From there, we, the Cup and I, would take the Auto Road up Mount Washington to watch the sunset.

Wow, that was fun to think about!


South Portland, Maine




I would first have my picture taken with the Cup using the sunset and mountains as a background. I love the picture of Sean O'Donnell with the Cup using the sunset as a backdrop. I am a kindergarten teacher and would take it to share with my class. Kindergarten students have a great imagination. I would ask each student to share their thoughts about the Cup before telling them. I most likely would get some interesting answers. Afterwards I would love to share the moment with my favorite player for the evening. You guessed it, Sean O'Donnell. 


Gail Swickard




My day with the Cup would be to bring it to my hometown, having a BBQ with family and friends near a duck pond. I would then fly to Parliament Hill and parade it around in the Ducks jersey I will put it on.


Edwin Sim

Halifax Nova Scotia




We (the Cup and friends and I) would fly chartered nonstop first class to Maui and spend the day showing Stanley all the sights on the island. We would swim the pools and waterfalls in Hana (give him bright orange floaties, of course), maybe a surf lesson or two, zip line through the jungles, kayak along inland rivers, perhaps a parasailing adventure, sample some island delights at an all-night luau. We would then end it all atop Mount Haleakala to watch the most beautiful sunrise on earth while slurping champagne-mimosa shaved ice. Mahalo nui loa Anaheim Ducks!    


Laura Maddy





Since my hockey-loving buddies are also fly fishermen and golfers, my day with the Cup would involve a morning float down one of Montana's blue-ribbon trout streams, followed by a round of golf at some scenic alpine course. I couldn't think of a better way to spend the day. As for what we would drink out of the cup, it would have to be a toast of either Newcastle or Fat Tire.


Tom Eccles





I would start the day by taking it with me on a five-mile run. For breakfast I would eat a box of Frosted Flakes out of the bowl (they’re grrrrrrrreeeeeat). Next I would take a shower with it. Then I would take it to my parents’ house so they could take their pictures with it. Next I would take it to Fashion Island in Newport Beach, find a good spot to sit and troll for hot wealthy chicks.


Rick Johnson
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