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The Thank You Notes Are Back

by Staff Writer / Anaheim Ducks
If you've visited this space before (and the old Ducks Blog), you may recall I occasionally visit schools to speak to students about what it’s like to work for the Ducks. And one of my favorite parts of those visits is receiving thank-you cards a few days later from the kids (and posting my favorites).

Earlier this month I made my annual visit to Oak Grove Elementary School, whose principal, Jill O’Connell-Bogle, is a longtime family friend. There I spoke in front of approximately 275 fourth- and fifth-graders about what I do for the Ducks, and I spent most of the time answering questions from the kids, some harder to answer than others.

The Oak Grove visit is always made even more fun by the fact that one of the teachers, Mr. Elliott, is a massive Kings fan who encourages his students to pass on that passion with their questions. This was of course much easier to take before the Kings won two Stanley Cups in two seasons, and just so happened to knock off the Ducks on their way to the second one.  

As is custom in the days following my visit to the school, I receive fantastic thank-you notes from each and every student. And I read every one.

Once again, this year's batch was incredibly entertaining, creative and of course heartfelt, except from those from Mr. Elliott's class, which mixed in just the right touch of mean spiritedness.

Here are some of my favorites, with my comments below each:

This kid has good instincts, although I want to believe the word "outstanding" is underneath the Wite-Out.

Alyssa really loves Capture the Flag.

Mad, but never that mad.

Well that came out of nowhere. But yes, I do. Who wouldn't love Buffalo Wild Wings?

Did my boss tell you to write that?

Annnd here come Mr. Elliott's students.

Yes, I do know all of that.

Can't say I approve of this one.

Something fishy's going on here...

... and there it is.

You know, I never thought to ask him.

Another thing I never thought to ask.

I'm thinking Sophia's a cat person.

Daisy is nothing if not blunt.

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