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The Swede Life: Lindholm, Karlsson Talk About Life as Road Roommates

by Staff Writer / Anaheim Ducks

By Kyle Shohara

William Karlsson and Hampus Lindholm are like two peas in a pod. Since the start of the 2014-15 regular season, the two have been spotted together more often than not, and they’re roommates when the team is on the road. Lindholm, 20, is actually a year younger than Karlsson, but made his NHL debut last season and appeared in 78 regular season games, while Karlsson is in the fledgling stages of his first NHL season.

So with a year of NHL experience under his belt, and sharing rooms with Frederik Andersen and Sami Vatanen at different times last season, Lindholm is showing “Wild Bill” how to survive on the road.

The duo, which can be distinguished from the rest of the Ducks by their flowing blonde hair, took a few minutes after a recent practice to offer an amusing insight into living together on the road.

What do you like about your roommate?
Will’s a very nice guy who always makes you smile. He’s a nice roommate to have.

Karlsson: Hampus is a nice guy. He’s pretty funny. He has good taste in music. He’s been taking care of me, just showing me how everything works. I appreciate that. He’s kind of like a mentor. That’s the main thing I appreciate.

Do you have any complaints about your roommate?
There aren’t many. The only one, probably, would be that he snores a little bit.

Karlsson: No, not really. Only good things. So far, so good.

Who controls the TV remote?
We don’t watch that much TV, but I think I would be the one who controlled the TV if we watched it.

Karlsson: I would say Hampus controls the TV remote. Every remote is different, and I’m too lazy to figure them out.

What kinds of TV shows do you watch together?
We’ve been watching Paradise Hotel. It’s like a live reality show from back home featuring people our age going to different places. They are there to have fun. It’s fun to watch. A lot of drama.

Who takes more time getting ready?
I don’t think I take that long. I don’t take that much time in front of the mirror. I wake up, take a shower and put on my suit, so I guess that takes some time. From when I wake up until I leave, it’s around 20 minutes.

Karlsson: Yup, I agree. He showers. I just get up, pull down my hair [Karlsson demonstrates how he flattens and untangles his blonde locks] and put on my suit. I’m ready to go. I have to wait on him.

How much time does William really spend on his hair?
I haven’t really clocked him with a timer, but he has a good couple of minutes every day in front of the mirror. He makes sure his “flow” is in the right place.

Karlsson [interjecting]: Hampus has good flow with those blonde and curly locks, but it’s not on my level yet. He’s up there, though.

If there is one thing you can change about your roommate, what would it be?
That he would sing instead of snore.

Karlsson: We’ll see. Maybe something will come up later?

Who is the heavier sleeper?
That’s probably me. When I fall asleep, I’m out.

Do you guys speak English to each other while on the road, or Swedish?
We speak Swedish to one another. It comes easier.

What would your roommate say about you?
He’d probably say something similar to what I’m about to say about him right now. We’re both similar people. We just take it easy, go with the flow, and we don’t do anything crazy. We work well with each other. If he wants to go somewhere, I can come with him. If we’re going to eat dinner at a restaurant that I choose, he’ll go with me. Only good things.

Karlsson: I think he’d say good things. Maybe he complains about me snoring sometimes, but I had a cold during that roadie. It was worse than normal.

Finally, you’re both young guys. Who takes more selfies?
That would be Will, by far. You can look at his Snapchat [photo messaging app] and see how many he has. He has no shame. [Karlsson, who is sitting next to Lindholm, bursts into laughter while vehemently denying it.]

Karlsson: I guess I take the most selfies. Mostly selfies for the girls. [Laughs]. I’d rather take a photo of my face than a TV, or a wall or my feet. I’m just giving them what they want.

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