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Q&A: Jamie McGinn

by Staff Writer / Anaheim Ducks

By Kyle Shohara

In an effort to solidify the forward group with toughness and skill, Ducks Executive Vice President/General Manager Bob Murray made several deals on trade deadline day on Feb. 29. None was bigger than acquiring left wing Jamie McGinn from the Buffalo Sabres.

McGinn wasted no time endearing himself to the team. He scored in his Ducks debut – a 3-2 shootout victory over the Montreal Canadiens on March 2 – and earned a goal and an assist the following night in a 5-1 victory against the Arizona Coyotes.

McGinn is excited about returning to the Western Conference, specifically California, where he first broke into the league after being selected in the second round (36th overall) of the 2006 NHL Draft by the San Jose Sharks. The 27-year-old has appeared in more than 430 career NHL games with the Sharks, Colorado Avalanche, Sabres, and now, the Ducks. With the Stanley Cup Playoffs on the horizon, McGinn brings 29 career postseason games of experience with San Jose and Colorado, recording two goals and six points with 40 penalty minutes.

After a recent practice, the laid-back native of Fergus, Ontario, answered some personal questions, a few of which submitted by fans using the hashtag #AskGinner.

"California is where I started my career, so I’m happy to be back with a good, solid team."
What was it about Anaheim that excited you when you heard the news?
It’s the hottest team in the league, and a team that’s very hard to play against. They have a good chance to make a long playoff run, and in hockey, that’s what it’s all about. It’s all about having a chance to win the Stanley Cup.

How does it feel to be back in the Western Conference?
I love it. California is where I started my career, so I’m happy to be back with a good, solid team.

Take us through the process of relocating to a new city after a trade
It’s pretty hectic. I had a feeling I was going to be traded. You never know where you’re going until it happens, so you don’t know how much to pack. I tried to pack as light as I could. I brought five suits, which, I don’t know if that’s considered light to some people, but I do have to go back to Buffalo after the season to clean up a lot of stuff. I didn’t want to bring all of my suits and everything else. I left a lot of clothes and household stuff back there. I brought a suitcase, a suit bag, a hockey bag and sticks, and a travel bag for the road.

Are you superstitious?
Yes. What I do in the pregame skate, how I warm up, how I get dressed. Most of the time it has to be the left side first with any piece of equipment I’m putting on. There’s some stuff I probably don’t even know about anymore, but I just do it every day. What I can remember is being back with the [Ontario Hockey League’s] Ottawa 67’s, it was always the same way. You add things, but I don’t think you really cut out things. You just get more superstitious.

What is the significance of No. 88?

I wore it in juniors and in lacrosse. It’s also my birth year. I grew up being an Eric Lindros fan, as well. My buddy and I used to call ourselves The Bash Brothers in lacrosse. He wore 44 and I wore 88. It was something fun we did. I had success with it in juniors and had the chance to wear it in Buffalo this year. I wear it with pride and I’m really excited to be able to wear it here. I hope I can make it memorable here.

How did you feel when Teemu tweeted you about your number?
I knew he was doing it as a joke, but it was an honor that he even knew who I was. It was just him welcoming me to the family. It meant a lot to me because of the player he was, and his number hanging in the rafters. I don’t know him personally, but I know J.S. Giguere talked very highly of him when I played with him in Colorado.

Were there other players in addition to Lindros that you grew up idolizing?
Gary Roberts was one of my favorite players because I grew up as a Toronto Maple Leafs fan. When they went on those playoff runs, it didn’t matter if he was hurt or not. He battled through injuries and wore his heart on his sleeve. He was a warrior who came to play every night. I know I’m not a finesse kind of guy, so I grew up idolizing guys who worked hard and never took a night off. That’s how I want to model my career.

"I’m a big Modern Family guy. South Park cracks me up every time. I can’t get sick of any Seinfeld episodes. I also like Wicked Tuna and Alaskan Bush People."
How old were you when you started playing hockey?
I started skating when I was 2 years old and playing around 3 ½ to 4 years old in a league. My parents got me in the sport early. We had a backyard rink, and I have two younger brothers, so hockey was always in the family.

What kind of music do you listen to?
I listen to anything, but being near Toronto, I’m a huge Drake fan. I’m also a big Hi-Rez fan. I can go country, too, but those are my two main artists.

Where is your favorite place to eat on the road?

Back in San Jose, there’s a place called Mizu Sushi Bar & Grill. I knew the manager there very well, and he did a great job. He’s not there anymore, and I actually haven’t been back since he left. That was definitely a place I enjoyed going to. I love sushi. 

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or midnight snack?
Dinner. I don’t like to eat too much in the morning, so I’m not a big breakfast guy. Plus, I try not to snack too late.

Pancakes, waffles or French toast?

Chocolate chip pancakes.

Do you watch the show Vikings? [He was shown a photo of the character Bjorn, whose appearance was likened to his own, in the eyes of a Twitter follower]

He has nice hair, but he’s a little more blonde than I am. [Laughs]. Hey, if people are digging it, then I’ll take it.

What are your favorite TV shows?
I’m a big Modern Family guy. South Park cracks me up every time. I can’t get sick of any Seinfeld episodes. I also like Wicked Tuna and Alaskan Bush People.

What do you enjoy doing in your downtime?
I like to get out and keep moving. I don’t like sitting around. It’s boring for me to sit on the couch and do nothing. When I’m here, I’m just going to try and enjoy the sights, see the beaches and get out as much as I can.

Have you ever been to Disneyland?
Not yet. I have to save that until the family comes to visit. They’ve never been there, either. I can’t go by myself. I’ve heard great things. It’s on my to-do list, for sure. It will be done.

What was your first car?
2000 Pontiac Grand Prix

What is your order from In-N-Out Burger?
Two patties, two cheese. I think they call it a Double-Double? I went there earlier in my career when I used to get recalled by San Jose. We’d always land in San Francisco and the driver would take me to In-N-Out. It was just something quick and really good. A lot of people I know haven’t had it, so they’re definitely missing out.
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