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Palmieri's Blog: Hitting the Road for the First Time

by Staff Writer / Anaheim Ducks
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What's up, Ducks and Admirals fans. Things could hardly be going better in Norfolk these days, since we just won two games at home against Connecticut over the weekend and we’re 4-0 to start the season.

Those were pretty big wins for us, especially the game on Saturday where Corey Elkins scored with 30 seconds left in overtime to finish off a hat trick. He’s been playing really well for us, and hopefully he can keep it going.

The fans here have been great. It’s obviously a great place to play and live, but going to the rink and having a great fan base behind us is an awesome experience to be a part of. We’ve been able to pay them back by playing well so far this season, and it’s nice to be able to salute the fans with our sticks in the air after these wins. That goes a long way, I think.

We’re going on the road to St. John’s (Winnipeg's affiliate) tomorrow afternoon, and it will be good for the guys to get away from everything, spend time together and get to know each other that much more. It’s a good opportunity to get into a new city and new surroundings and build more chemistry.

Traveling in the AHL is a lot different than traveling with Anaheim. Up there, you’re in a chartered jet and it’s just you and your teammates on the plane. Here we’re traveling commercially with about 30 guys, when you include coaches and staff. It’s a little hectic to make sure everything is on time and all the bags get on and stuff like that. But every team has to go through it and you just hope everything runs smoothly. In Syracuse, the only times we flew were to come to Norfolk and go up to St. John’s. Otherwise it’s those long bus trips.

St. John’s is an awesome place to play. Anyone who’s ever been there knows it’s a pretty unique place, and they love their hockey up there. The fans are really passionate and the whole town comes alive for the games. It’s an exciting place to play, but tough to go in as a visitor and have that many fans rooting against you.

St. John’s is a really cool fisherman’s village, so it’s fun to hang out there during our off time, explore the town and meet some of the local people.

Yesterday we had a fun day off with the team going to the Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek in Virginia Beach, and that was a great experience. We got a little introduction into everything about the base, how many people are there, how long it’s been there and everything that goes on there. They told us about the ships and how they work. Most of it is tough to understand if you don’t have an engineering degree, but the guys enjoyed it.

We went on a hovercraft over the Chesapeake, and each of the guys got to ride in the cockpit at different times and see what it’s like from up there. Here are a couple of photos I took -- one showing the huge propellers on the hovercrafts and one from inside the cockpit -- and you can check out some more here.

In the meantime, we’re hoping to keep this little streak going on the road next weekend. I’ll check back in next week to talk about how it went.

Go Admirals and go Ducks!

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