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Murray Comments on Carlyle, McNab Extensions

by Staff Writer / Anaheim Ducks
Ducks Executive Vice President & General Manager Bob Murray spoke to reporters Tuesday afternoon via conference call to discuss the one-year contract extensions of coach Randy Carlyle and Senior Vice President of Hockey Operations David McNab.

Following is a transcript:

On the extensions

We’ve been talking about this for a little bit. I talked with both David and Randy before the year and said I’d get to this as the year moved along. It took a little longer than I thought. We were able to finally have Randy and Dave extended for a year. We’ll move forward from here.

On Carlyle

The lame duck theory is one that people have. I don’t think it is a healthy situation for anybody. It doesn’t leave people in a good position. I’ll put Randy’s record against anybody. Mike Babcock has had a great record so far. There should be something in here where people start measuring success by the number of dollars the organization spends. Nowadays with the dollars teams are spending, the cap is out the window. Let’s face it. With teams cheating the way they cheat, we have huge variables between us and other teams in the number of dollars we’re spending. I put Randy’s record against anybody, with the dollars we’ve spent and the record we’ve had. He deserves it. There are lots of things that go into play when you’re working on this.

I don’t look at it as this season. I look at it as what he has done over the five-six years we’ve been together here. It’s been a competitive team. We missed the playoffs last year. I understand that. We would have made the playoffs if we were in the East, by the way. It’s a tough thing to be in the West and continue. I think he has done a heck of a job. If he wasn’t here and out on the market, he wouldn’t be out on the market for very long.

On McNab
Sometimes people get lost in the shuffle. David never gets recognized around here. I just think that is wrong. We’re not a big staff. We have lots of people that do lots of job and wear many hats in this organization. David just keeps me, especially with dollars and budgets, he keeps me on the straight and narrow all the time. It’s invaluable to me. Plus, he goes out and scouts. He just got back from a 10-day trip. I haven’t seen him in awhile. The first time I’ve seen him was today. He’s capable of doing lots of things. That is how we have to operate. I’ve got a bunch of other things I have to get done here too. It’s just the start. I’ve got some scouts and good people I have to get tied up here in the next little while also. It’s not going to stop there.

On when the deals were finalized
Over the weekend, we finally got it. We’ve been talking off and on and ran a few things by them. I have to talk to Mike Schulman. I go back to them. Sometimes I don’t see them for five or six days. It finally happened over the weekend.

On his status

With me, my contract is up next year. My experience has taught me that nobody goes past me. That goes back to something from a previous job where I was gone and people were left in some very uncomfortable positions after I was gone, good and bad. That won’t happen again. I felt bad for some people after I was gone. I’m up at the end of next year and nobody is going past mine.

On where the Ducks stand right now
They battled back very hard from a tough start. As a team, I’m fairly happy, considering our schedule and injuries. We’re in a decent place. I hope they continue to play smartly here through Christmas. When you are in the West, schedules go up and down in difficulty and games played. We’re way ahead of everybody else in games played. That takes a toll on your hockey team. In saying that, I’m impressed with how hard they have battled through some very difficult stretches. Now, they have to battle through this next week and a half here. If they can do that, the schedule will turn in our favor.
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