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Murray, Beauchemin Comment on Trade

by Staff Writer / Anaheim Ducks
Following Wednesday morning's acquisition of defenseman Francois Beauchemin, Ducks Executive Vice President/General Manager Bob Murray spoke with reporters via conference call from Honda Center. The following is a transcript:

Our team has gotten into position to make the playoffs and we really felt we had to help our defense. We believe we’ve done that. We want to compete every year, try to win and make the playoffs. This was a huge step in that direction and helping our defense. It came at a cost. We gave up Joffrey, who has worked his butt off to get back in the lineup. It was just an area where we felt we were deep enough at forward. He was playing the third line here. He’s going to Toronto and will play on the second line or higher. It was one of those things where this deal probably works for both team at this point in time. Another thing on this deal is two-three years from now, after the new CBA, we’ll be in much better shape going forward in keeping our three young forwards together for a long time if we so choose to do that. Those are the reasons. We’re trying to compete to get in the playoffs here and I think this is a move in the right direction for this team at this time.

On the team’s current defense
I’m aware we have nine defensemen. There is nothing imminent, but we do have nine at the moment.

On the deal
Dave Nonis and I started talking awhile back about it. He had chats with Burkie. It’s been going for a little bit.  I’m not speaking for them, but I think they get bigger up front and this is good for them. They wanted that type of player. They get a young defenseman. Let’s face it, we gave them a good, young prospect in here. Believe me, the only reason we would do that is we feel we’re very deep in that position of young prospects on defense. That is the only reason.

On Beauchemin’s play in Toronto
I think he was fine there. Part of the reason here, Randy and I know Beauch. Randy is very confident. (Beauchemin) was playing a little bit different style in Toronto.  It’s very important that we know what we’re getting here. We know how Beauch is going to play for us.  That is crucial at this point in time in a season.

On Beauchemin’s limited no trade clause
We were on his list.

On exploring other trades for defensemen previously
He was one on our list and high up on that list, again because of our familiarity with him. We know the character. We have a couple of kids here playing on our defense. We have a 19- and 20-year-old. Beauch has great character. He’ll come in and handle being with those kids, like he has done with Schenn in Toronto. He’ll do it very well here. There were others. For awhile, I thought this had no chance, so we were exploring a couple of different avenues. But this was very high on my list from the beginning.

On wanting to make a move prior to the deadline
We’ve always felt here that the sooner we could get a hockey deal done, the better for both teams involved because it gets your team together. Some of these deals that happen at the trade deadline, it’s late. If you can do the hockey deal, the sooner you can get your team together, the better.

On the comfort level in working with Toronto
There is a trust factor between us. We get straight to it, more than some others can, just because of that. This is a real good deal for both things.

On the depth of the team’s forwards
We have some young forwards in our system and coming into our system this summer. It’s tough to replace Joffrey’s goals, but it’s what we felt was best for the team at this time.

On when Beauchemin is expected to join the team
He’s flying into Vancouver later tonight. We just talked to him. Hopefully, he’ll practice with us tomorrow in Vancouver and play Friday night in Calgary.

On Lupul’s reaction to the trade
He liked to play here and was just getting accustomed to it. He’s a little shook by it. But he is going back to Brian, so that is a big positive for him.

He had Corey Perry and Teemu ahead of him here. He was on the second power play. They didn’t get on much. It’s good for him because he’s going to move up the depth chart.

On when he knew he wanted to add to the club
We told the guys, especially the veterans, if you get in there, we’ll try to get you something. When Getzy went down and this team banded together, I told our guys okay. We had to give them something. They did it. The players sold me when Getzy was down.

Beauchemin followed, speaking to reporters via conference call from Toronto. The defenseman said the following:

On his reaction to the trade
I had a list of 12 teams and Anaheim was one of them.  I have played there before. We know the city and some of the players that are still there. It’s a great group of guys. We’re not going somewhere we don’t know. That is the main reason I put Anaheim on there. With the position of the team right now (in Toronto), it’s a tough situation because we’re out of a playoff spot for a second year in a row. I was expecting something to happen with all the rumors out there lately.

No, I never asked (for a trade). There was no word at all. There were a lot of rumors the last few months. It started almost last summer. I gave my list in the summer and was hoping nothing was going to happen.

On his experience in Toronto
I loved it here. It’s a great city to play and a great group of guys. Last year was a tough year and again this year we were out of a playoff spot. That’s not where you want to be at during this time of the year.I loved my time here. I wish we were in a better position.

I was playing good minutes and mostly against the top lines on the other teams with Dion. The power play and pk, was in and out and switching partners. We weren’t really doing well on special teams, so the coaches were trying things. My game doesn’t really change. I battle hard every night to be the best I can be out there.

On the Ducks defense
They do have some good, young guys there. I know Visnovsky is an older guy and Lydman. They have a good mix of guys that are battling for a playoff spot. They worked really hard to be there. Hopefully, I will be able to help them make it.

On his feeling when he initially left Anaheim
It’s always disappointing when you like a city you want to play in. The way it finished and ended up, I didn’t really like it. I thought I would have a chance to stay there. But it didn’t happen. Anaheim was in a tough spot with its salary cap and had to make some decisions. Back then, it wasn’t for me.

On if he has sold his house in Orange County
Yes, I did unfortunately. I’ll have to find another one.

On his relationship with the Ducks and Bob Murray
Anaheim was one of the teams because I knew the city, the players and the team. We loved living there for four years. We never really wanted to leave, but we had to make a decision two summers ago. Bob was the guy who mentioned to Burkie to include me in that Federov deal because he saw me play in the American League. That was five or six years ago. That relationship hasn’t really changed.
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