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More Love for Teemu

by Staff Writer / Anaheim Ducks
One of my jobs here with the Ducks is to periodically check the Contact Us emails we receive from fans (and some non-fans). The content of the countless emails we receive include legitimate questions/requests, not-so-legitimate questions/requests, occasional complaints and sporadic compliments. The emails can sometimes be hard to read, many are unintentionally funny and often they are downright heartfelt.

This one I happened across today -- from a woman named Lauren in Winnipeg -- was actually written a few days ago but had gotten buried in the inbox. It's just another example of the impact Teemu Selanne has on people, especially in his former stomping grounds:

We were recently staying in Winnipeg at the Fairmont Hotel in celebration of our 35th wedding anniversary. Earlier this spring, our daughter's vehicle had been broken into and her Teemu Selanne jersey from the 1st version of the Winnipeg Jets was stolen.

As luck would have it, her name came up in a ticket lottery, and she managed to get 2 tickets for the October 6th game against Anaheim, which also happened to be [my husband] Rob's birthday. So it was to be a father/daughter night, and she purchased another Teemu jersey to wear.

We took the jersey in with us to the hotel, thinking that perhaps someone from the Anaheim organization might be there too, and could arrange for it to be signed. Amazingly, there was Teemu himself at the next table at breakfast. He very graciously signed her jersey, even as I was babbling my thanks.

She wore the jersey to the game, and is now in the process of framing it. That's after she quits squealing! We wanted to say that Teemu is a wonderful person, a great ambassador for your team and organization, and a really really nice man. His gesture made an already fabulous weekend a memorable one! And we wanted to say a proper thank you!

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